The British Tag!

I do like a good tag every now and again and as I am having an English love affair at the moment, I thought this was a great time to do it. I first read this over on Little Miss Katy’s blog – if you haven’t already then definitely give her blog a read! I’m not going to tag anyone specifically but if you do this tag then let me know.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? And how many sugars?

This is where you discover I’m not really British. I was born in Manchester but moved to New Zealand when I was 8, I then moved back to London 18 months ago. I think that explains why I’m not a tea fan, it just wasn’t too popular when I was growing up! I do usually have a mint or a green tea every other day or so. The peppermint green tea by dragonfly is lovely if you’re out for a new tea brand.


2. Favourite part of your roast dinner?

Yorkshires. Covered in gravy. Yummm. I just had a roast tonight, it also had really good mashed potato but I don’t think that was a staple for a proper roast. Oh and stuffing, definitely stuffing is up there.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?

I don’t really dunk, quite like my biscuits whole and not soggy. But favourite biscuit is a tie between the humble hob nob and the cadbury chocolate finger. I could probably eat a packet of either!

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

Sitting in a pub – does that count as a pastime? I definitely do it enough and to me there is nothing more British than a nice old man pub with a fire and pint.



The above is the Hinds Head which is Heston Blumenthals pub – slightly fancier than the average pub but the food was certainly delicious!!

5. Favourite word?

I really like how everyone is called either love or duck in the North. They may not mean it as endearment but it always gives me a smile!

6. Cockney rhyme slang?

Apples and pears, stairs? I think. I don’t think I’ve heard much cockney in a year of living in London. Someone needs to teach me some!

7. Favourite sweet/chocolate?

I love many sweets and chocolate so this could go awhile.. Chocolate my favourite isn’t a British brand but is Whittakers from NZ – it is amazing, anyone reading this should try get their hands on it (and send me some!). I really love Cadburys Black Forest as a close second. In the realm of sweets, I enjoy gummies, especially gummy bears and haribo star mix.

8. What would your pub be called?

I pondered over this for awhile, but it would probably be something like the Queen Charlotte or The Jasmin Tree.

9. No.1 British person

If we don’t include family, friends and my lovely boyfriend, then I really love Ed Sheeran as of late – I could probably listen to his music all day long, X is a great album if you haven’t picked it up. I also love JK Rowling for creating the joy of Harry Potter and more recently, Robert Galbraith!


10. Favourite shop / restaurant

Boots for sure, you don’t get the same kind of pharmacy/beauty store abroad with such an epic rewards programme. In terms of restaurants, I love a lot of pubs but I have really been liking Eat lately for their yummy paninis.

11. What British song pops into your head?

Favourite has definitely been Ed Sheeran as above, but if you say British then I always think of Spice Girls. They were my first concert and I loved them for a long time.

12. Marmite?

No. No. No. I hate marmite and vegemite and any other yeast based spread.

JC xx

L’Oreal Rouge Caress Lipsticks Review!

Photo 09-08-2014 10 51 07 am

Since the start of my blog, people in my life have realised my need for all things shiny and make up related – which is great as I have been getting some great gifts! My sister and her boyfriend recently went off to Italy and were kind enough to bring me a lovely gift home – a three pack collection of the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks!

Photo 09-08-2014 10 47 43 am Photo 09-08-2014 10 48 01 am

This pack included three colours – Aphrodite Scarlet, Pink Fashionista and Impulsive Fuschia. First off, I love the packaging, they are sleek and look very nice – easy to throw into the handbag. I also like the shape of the tube itself – it is round and not like the typical point that lipsticks have which I can sometimes find hard to use.

I hadn’t heard much about these so I was unsure what to expect when it came to the formula – the first one I tried was the fashionista pink which is a really light bubblegum pink. The formula is gorgeous, it slides on so easily and feels so light on the lips – almost like a lip balm. The colour of this light one was really sheer, you definitely have to build it up if you want the colour which is in the tube. It is the top swatch in the picture below which is really hard to see but you hopefully get the idea!

Photo 09-08-2014 10 49 25 am

The next one I tried was the Impulsive Fushia, a lovely deep purpley-pink – I thought this one would be similar to the first and be sheer, but the darker colours actually go on really opaque! It gives a deep colour which again feels absolutely so soft on the lips when wearing it.

Photo 09-08-2014 10 50 05 am

The last shade – aphrodite scarlet is also very pigmented with a glossy finish, a red based pink which feels smooth and glossy on application.

Photo 09-08-2014 10 48 51 am

I really like these lipsticks, they don’t have the best staying power so you do have to carry them around with you but when they do fade, they fade evenly so no embarrassing half filled lips here. I have heard these are similar to the Revlon lip butters but I think these look so much nicer – I recommend picking up a couple to try next time you’re in Boots!

Have you tried these lipsticks? What do you think of them?

JC xx

Daniel Sadler Longlasting Velvet Waterproof Eyeliner Review! Aqua Dreams

Photo 15-08-2014 04 45 35 pm

I received this eyeliner in a glossybox, most likely months ago. I hadn’t heard of Daniel Sadler at the time, but I have recently read a lot of blogs raving about their watercolour blushes, so when I spotted this clearing out my make up drawer, I grabbed it to give it a proper try.

This is a small liner and the formula is a dream,  it is so buttery and glides onto the skin so smooth without smudging. It does live up to it’s name of velvet. It is really pigmented and immediately gives a bright blue liner with only the slightest of pressure. I was really impressed by this as I found it better, easier to use and more pigmented than my traditional black liquid liners! The staying power was also impressive, I do have a habit of touching/rubbing my eyes during the day and every time I did this I was worried I would have a giant smudge of blue against my eyes but it didn’t budge! The line stayed thick and true as promised by longlasting in the name!

Photo 15-08-2014 04 45 51 pm

The only downside I found of this was there was some slight transfer from my eyelashes to the top of my eyelid from having my eyes open too quickly on applying, it was then a pain to get off! I would probably be a bit more careful in future on application.

Now this is in a bright shade – aqua and I was quite unsure how best to wear it for an everyday look without looking like a throwback to the 80s. I decided to go with a very thin line behind my lashes with minimal make up elsewhere, and I was very happy with it! It was bright but wearable and got me some nice compliments from the boyfriend. I think it looks very bright when you put on, but then from a distance looks much better.

Photo 15-08-2014 11 58 56 am

I am definitely going to pick up some more of these eyeliners in different shades as they are only 9 pounds, a black one will probably become my staple eyeliner. A pleasant surprise for an eyeliner at the back of my drawer!

Have you tried this? Any tips for blue eyeliner?

JC xx

The Monthlies: Bodyform Deo-Fresh Fast Dry Pads


I haven’t done a Monthlies post in forever! I was using up some of my acquired stash from my previous posts so had nothing new or exciting to share, but I finally perused the supermarket aisles for a new brand to try and came up with these – the Bodyform pads.

Womens hygiene products really are dominated by one brand – Always, they take up at least 3/4 of the entire pad stand and only in the small corner did I see these. Their packaging wasn’t as exciting but the price was better so I grabbed a pack and gave them a go.

I have been very pleasently surprised with these pads. I always worry different pad brands will be like the ones which were made 10 years ago – bulky and nappy like but these are definitely not like that. They are thin, long and in the same general shape as other pads but I think these have better adhesiveness. I hate it when pads slip about after awhile, but these are very sticky and do not move once you have put them in place.

The pad itself is very soft and feels very comfortable when wearing it – probably more so than always ones. They flex well with the body and I forgot they were there – just what you need! They have good absorbency and are good at absorbing smells, but not presenting that fake deodorising smell themselves.

They didn’t seem to last quite as long as other pads, maybe because they are so thin, but this isn’t really a bad thing. For the price (under 2 pounds) you get more than enough in a pack and they last for more than one cycle.

Overall I will keep picking up some other versions of Bodyform pads, I have been pleasently surprised and I do like to support other brands in this very small market. When researching the brand I found they were very active in creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly products with less packaging – definitely needed and support breast cancer research and assisting women in Africa with sanitary products – all essential and great causes!

Have you tried this brand of pads? What do you think of them?

JC xx


July Freebies: Clinique Chubby Stick and New Cid Cosmetics i-crayon!

Photo 09-08-2014 10 46 42 am

July seemed to involve a lot of train travel. I do like trains (I did a blog on them awhile ago) but I also feel as though travel is the best excuse to pick up a few magazines. When I lived in NZ, magazines were so expensive – and as they were shipped in, I don’t think I ever got a freebie, now I’m in the UK it seems to be a competition about who can have the cheapest mag with the best extra!

Glamour Mag – Clinique Chubby Stick

Photo 09-08-2014 10 46 03 am

Glamour did well this month, 4 different mini clinique offerings and the mag itself was only 2 pounds, so it was pretty much totally free! They put out the moisturing lotion, a mascara and two shades of the Clinique mini chubby stick – I got the shade 07 Super Strawberry.

I have seen these previously and have wanted to pick one up for awhile as I know these were the original chubby stick. I find them so easy to apply, probably explains why they have spread out and there now seems to be chubby sticks for everything from blush to eyeshadow! It’s great for applying on the go and just throwing in my handbag.

Photo 09-08-2014 10 47 06 am

I have really been enjoying this colour and formula – it is a lovely shade which as soon as I put on I got some nice compliments from the boyfriend which is always a great sign for a new make up product! It is slightly glossy but still nice and opaque – just slightly darker than my natural lips so it is a very easy to wear everyday shade. I managed to get my hands on two of these, so when they run out I will be taking a trip to the Clinique counter!

Cosmo – New Cid Cosmetics i-crayon

Photo 09-08-2014 10 46 25 amThis was a late month pick up as I’m not the biggest fan of Cosmo but there wasn’t much choice. They either had the New Cid mascara or the lip and cheek tint – I find mascaras from mags are always a miss so I grabbed the lip and cheek tint.

This is also in chubby stick form and I quite like the colour – it is a great statement pink. I have used it on the lips which works well but I find it a bit harder to use on the cheeks as it is hard to blend – if you have any tips on this then let me know! (PS After writing this the tip broke off and fell out – disappointing!)

Photo 09-08-2014 10 47 26 am

Out of the two, I much preferred the Clinique offering but I will keep trying with the cheek tint – let me know if you have any tips!

JC xx

Book review: Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead


I haven’t done a book review on here before, mainly as I haven’t been reading too many exciting things lately. But after reading Sheryl Sandbergs Lean In, I felt compelled to blog about it.

Lean in is a book regarding women in leadership and their career progression. It delves into the reasons women tend to not move into leadership, how to deal with a career whilst balancing motherhood and it really empowers women to take control of their own career and ‘lean in’ as she put it.

I really enjoyed this book, it presents a lot of points which are so relevant to women in the workplace today – especially in business and technology. It presents things which I hadn’t even realised I was doing, as holding me back, to succeed you really need to lean in with all you have and put yourself out there for projects and tasks which you may not feel completely experienced in doing. It raises excellent points about how women tend to doubt themselves more than men so are less likely to put themselves forward for promotion or for these projects which you may not feel completely comfortable doing. It also discusses really great points about how a lot of women have the ‘tiara syndrome’ – hoping someone will come along and put a crown on their head for all the hard work they have done when in reality they need to go and seek that themselves.

I think it’s so important for women to be proactive in their careers and excited to get into leadership, it is still shockingly low how many women are actually leading companies in the modern world. She points out that even though women’s rights have come leaps and bounds, that is no reason not to want to strive to continual equality – where there are as many women CEOs as men!

Overall, this book really motivated me and it is something I will use everyday in my career and a book I can see myself going back to as I grow up. Even if you aren’t in a business or tech industry I really recommend this as essential reading.

Sheryl also did a great Ted talk about the same topic which I will link here so you can get a feel for it.

Have you read this book? What do you think we can do to empower more women in their careers and into leadership?

JC xx

Concealer Wars: Collection Lasting Perfection vs Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Photo 10-08-2014 10 47 22 am

It’s been a while since I’ve done a concealer wars – you can check out my last one about the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer vs Benefit Boing here. This time around after reading beauty blogs for a fair few months, I scoped out two concealers which seem to be many bloggers top picks – the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and put them to the test.

Nars Radiant Perfection Concealer – £22

Photo 09-08-2014 10 52 32 am

I recently received a John Lewis voucher as part of  my leaving present from my previous job – I took this as a great reason to pick up a few of my very first high end beauty products!

I decided to pick this up in the shade Chantilly – but I found the shade match quite difficult. When I swatched in store I thought I would be the shade vanilla but it was sold out, however, when looking at the swatches outside afterwards I decided the chantilly actually matched a bit better but it still is a wee bit too light for my skin.

The formula of this is lovely, it’s creamy and slides on the skin easily, depositing a great amount. It is a high coverage and needs a little work to blend out – it is better when it’s warmer! It provides good coverage but I do think whether it is the colour I picked, it is much better under my eyes as it acts as a slight highlighter at the same time, rather than covering my spots or redness.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – £4.19

Photo 10-08-2014 10 46 56 am

I picked this up from Boots in the shade Fair – I had previously used this once as I got it in a freebie bag but it was WAY too dark, so I finally decided to pick up the right shade for me. The shade is a pretty good match for my skin tone and I was very pleased with the bargain price of 4 pounds. The concealer comes in a small tube with a doe foot applicator – exactly the same as the Nars.

Photo 09-08-2014 11 42 21 am

I am really loving this concealer, it is creamy and applies on the skin evenly and smooth as you can see in the picture above. I find it very easy to blend out and it gives the best coverage I have found recently. It works to hide those bags whilst also being really effective on redness and spots – I blend my concealer with my fingers which with some can result in it totally disappearing but not in this case. It lasts a reasonable amount of time – not all day but definitely a few hours before I need to reapply. I have found out of the two this is the one I have been grabbing in the mornings and once which is slipped into my bag for during the day. I am a convert and I love it!

Photo 10-08-2014 10 48 05 am

Collection is on the left, with nars on the right. 


Comparing price, shade, and coverage the Collection concealer definitely comes out on top in this concealer wars. It is such a bargain and very comparable and better in some aspects than the nars concealer. I will definitely repurchase. Save your pennies all, off to superdrug!

What is your favourite concealer?

JC xx