JC Chats: What to Watch, Read and Listen – November 2015

What to watch read and listen to

Phew I swear November just disappeared before my eyes! I’ve been so busy that I’ve definitely fallen behind on my reading challenge. My aim was to read 40 books this year and I’m currently on 33, so I need to get my read on this month. Luckily I finish work on the 18th so I will be able to power through a few then. I’ve actually only read one book this month, it was a huge one but such a goody!


How to Get Away with Murder

I haven’t done a proper series binge in a long time. But when I was struck down with laryngitis earlier in the month, I was on the couch for a couple of days and decided to give How to Get Away with Murder a try. Pretty much one episode and I was hooked! It follows a defense lawyer and her team of students at a local college. Of course, as by the title, it does involve a murder and there is a mystery which is shown throughout the episodes in a series of flashbacks. Each episode however does focus on a different criminal case and how they beat it.

I’m so used to watching really complex shows and plots like House of Cards, and although this does have awesome story lines because it is partially serialised it is really easy to watch. I don’t feel like if I miss a couple of minutes, I’ll miss the whole point of the series. Definitely something to pick up if you’re looking for something on Netflix.


The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

I am all about the fantasy novels, and I love finding a series which I can get lost in, and I’ve definitely found it here. The plot is hard to explain, but it is another world where drafters exist who can draft different colours of the spectrum into luxin. The luxin has different properties depending on the colour. These drafters are ruled by the prism and the white and the kingdom is divided into the 7 colours, each with different allegiances. Think Game of Thrones but a little less violent, better characters who don’t just get killed off and an intricate plot line.

There are going to be 4 in the series and I’m really excited to read the rest of them, I just found the whole premise so interesting. If you are looking for a new fantasy series which is a whole lot easier to read than GoT then get reading!


Answer Me This

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about Answer Me his on here before! It has been one of my favourite podcasts for a long time. Essentially it features Helen and Oly, who both answer questions which have come into the show. Definitely a nice simple premise, but it is really entertaining! Both have such charisma and work really well together on the show, as it has been running for years. It’s like the ideal combination between learning something a bit new about random subjects and having a bit of a giggle.

The Modern Mann

This links to Answer Me This, as The Modern Mann is hosted by Oly. I find him really insightful and interesting, in each episode he explores something a bit different from burgers to rock stars. Each week he also has handy guests on to talk all things current events, along with ‘the fox hole’ where they answer relationship questions from listeners. I’ve been really enjoying this show, it seems to whizz by and I look forward to it being released every Tuesday!

What have you been reading, watching and listening to this month?

JC xx


JC Chats: My Winter Essentials!

Photo 28-10-2015, 7 32 50 a.m.

With the turn of the weather this weekend and snow falling around the country, I feel like we have finally hit winter. I am more of a cold lover and have been enjoying it so far, with the cozy evenings and warm duvets. I’ve purchased a few bits recently which have really helped me transition into winter, I hope these will help you embrace the colder season!

Fluffy PJs

As soon as it started getting a little chilly, I knew it was time for some new cozy PJs. I wandered down to Primark and picked up these awesome fluffy snowflake PJs. Not only are they super soft and warm, but they are winter-y rather than Christmas-y meaning I don’t feel silly wearing them in November. Ideal.


Photo 14-11-2015, 10 57 07 a.m.

I got sent a couple of festive fragrance candles* from House of Fraser and I love them! There is nothing which makes me feel more cozy in winter than lighting some candles. Especially with it getting dark so early, at about 4pm every day I’m home, I draw the curtains and get the candles lit. It’s a really enjoyable way to transition into the evening. I chose the White Christmas fragrance which is light and fresh. The candles themselves are really high quality and just look at how beautiful they are! I love the snow flakes along with the festive silver leaves.

Photo 12-11-2015, 3 09 21 p.m.

Festive Shower Gels

I’m obsessed with Body Shop Shower Gels at the best of times, but the festive scents are always the best! My friends and family know me too well and I received the frosted plum, frosted cranberry and frosted apple shower gels for my birthday. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also throw a whole lot of scent off so it always leaves the flat smelling awesome.

Photo 25-11-2015, 12 57 53 p.m.

Chai Tea

I do enjoy chai tea, but it never feels right to be in the summer. I picked up the teapigs Chai blend recently and it is gorgeous, full of cinnamon and spice. I prefer the tea to a chai latte as it is isn’t as heavy. An ideal evening cuppa for when it’s particular cold.

Soups and Stews

I’m really obsessed with soups and stews at the moment. It’s like all I want to eat is warm bowls of mince, beans and veges. My black bean soup has been on the menu quite a lot, along with some pork, black bean and sweet potato chilly which is just epic.

What are your winter essentials?

JC xx

*I received some candles from House of Fraser for this post, but of course, if I don’t love it then I wouldn’t blog it!

JC Travels: 5 Things to Do on a Long Weekend in Copenhagen

Photo 31-10-2015, 12 37 28 p.m.Following on from all the food which I chatted about in my last Copenhagen post, we did actually get up to more than just eating! Copenhagen itself is a gorgeous city and I was so glad we went, I loved the whole vibe of the city, it was very modern and progressive. Also, even though it is renowned for being overly expensive, I definitely think you can keep your costs low over a long weekend! Here are the top 5 things to do in a long weekend in Copnhagen!

Copenhagen Free Walking Tour

I really enjoy the free tours which you can do all over Europe, the idea being that you then tip what you think the tour is worth, this ends up in the tour guide always being very good as they are working just for those tips. We did the 90 minute Classical Copenhagen Tour which went through the centre of Copenhagen.

Photo 31-10-2015, 10 09 52 a.m.

Roger, our guide, was great as he took us through the centre of Copenhagen down small streets and winding lanes. I didn’t know much of Danish history so it was very interesting to hear about it especially as I didn’t know that Britain had bombed the city during the war. Copenhagen itself is full of town squares surrounded with Danish architecture which is heavily inspired by Holland. I really enjoyed the general look of Copenhagen, full of colourful buildings (an instagram dream!).

Photo 31-10-2015, 1 25 09 p.m.

We ended the tour by going past the Rosenberg Palace which was stunning with the Autumn leaves and stopping at the Torvehallerne, where I ate a delicious open faced sandwich! Overall, the ideal tour to learn more about Copenhagen but budget friendly and fits in well when you are only visiting over a weekend.


I swear when you google Copenhagen, this is what you get pictures of! Nyhavn is a piece of canal with ships, boats and a lot of picturesque buildings surrounding it. I definitely recommend you get a wander and some pictures as it is lovely. This was definitely the only area of Copenhagen which actually felt ‘touristy’ to me, so we didn’t stick around to eat but I definitely enjoyed the wander.

Photo 31-10-2015, 1 44 04 p.m.


Tivoli is like an old school theme park in the middle of Copenhagen. It’s full of rollercoasters, restaurants and local shops and games, and oh my does it dress itself up well! As we were there for halloween, they had gone the whole hog with their decorations, from witches brooms underneath the swings, to pumpkins EVERYWHERE. Honestly, even if you don’t want to go on any rides, it’s worth going here to wander through and see the decorations. I do recommend going after dark and I bet the Christmas decorations are going to be EPIC.

Photo 01-11-2015, 10 33 28 p.m.


On the small island to the South of Copenhagen is a settlement called Christiania, essentially it is an anarchist state where around 850 people live. They have been settled there for years and even have their own unique laws. They have since developed into a kind of tourist attraction, where you can wander through the village, full of odd art and anti-capitalist sentiments. They also have a very dodgy ‘green zone’ where they openly sell drugs out of little huts. It is a really odd experience, but one I do recommend to see something really different in Copenhagen. Plus it isn’t as dodgy as it sounds, we felt very safe the whole time we were there, you can even buy Christiania souvenirs!

Photo 01-11-2015, 11 10 47 a.m.


By far, one of my favourite things to do in Copenhagen was to eat!! I wrote a whole post about the Copenhagen food if you fancy a read.

Overall, I loved Copenhagen. It has such an enjoyable buzz and culture within the city. I think a long weekend is an ideal amount of time to spend there, plus it stops it getting too pricey.

Where do I need to go to next in Scandinavia?

JC xx

JC Updates: The Ideal London Birthday Weekend!

Photo 15-11-2015, 10 49 05 a.m.Following the events in Paris (and the fact I was in Paris for this very weekend for my birthday last year), I really wanted my birthday to be full of appreciation and spending time with those who mean the most to me. And it definitely was an amazing weekend full of everything I love. Big thanks to Paul who pretty much organised and sorted everything, he is the best! It was also extra special with my old friend Caitlin staying with us from NZ for the weekend.

Photo 13-11-2015, 10 14 07 p.m.

The weekend started on Friday night after a long day at work, we met up with some friends and we headed to Cecils of London, a cocktail bar styled to be like a 1920s speakeasy. Not only is it down a very nondescript/ slightly dodgy looking alley but it’s down underground so feels a world away from London. The theme nights are on a Saturday but I still loved the decor along with their cocktail list – the spicy daquiri especially was a favourite of mine! Who knew chilli worked so well in a drink? After a few drinks we headed up East to Winter Dinerama! I have a whole post on the awesomeness of Dinerama, as it is such a great street food venue, just look at the calamari!

Photo 14-11-2015, 7 34 22 p.m.

On Saturday, it poured and poured. So we had the best kind of rainy days, snuggling inside blogging and rewatching Mr Robot (just as good the second time around I have to say). Though I was informed that we had something on at 5.30 but it was a surprise. So at 4.30, we got dressed up and headed into the city. We walked from Bank and soon ended up at the Heron Tower, as we went to Sushi Samba last year, I figured out it was finally my time to try out the famous Duck and Waffle! Despite a bit of initial anxiety (me and tall buildings still aren’t the best of friends), once I was up the top and sat down with a glass of wine, I was very happy!

Photo 14-11-2015, 9 23 46 p.m.

The food there was phenomenal! We had a series of small dishes including the crispy pigs ears, ox cheek doughnut, tuna sashimi, and a warm and crusty garlic and rosemary bread. We followed this with a huge roast chicken full with potatoes, mushrooms and gravy. And of course, the namesake, some duck, waffles and mustard maple syrup. The service was great, obviously along with the view. Definitely somewhere you need to go for a special occasion.

Phew, all that and it wasn’t even the birthday yet! On Sunday, I woke up for my actual birthday and started the day off with some awesome presents from the friends and family. I might do a full post on the awesome gifts if people are interested, but I did get some epic blogging pressies including a photography course from Paul to actually learn how to use my DSLR, and a soon to be purchased new phone from my parents (look out Instagram!).

I wanted to do a bit of shopping on my birthday, mainly as I hadn’t even started thinking about Christmas presents so we jumped in the car to Westfield London. I only ended up buying one gift, but did manage to pick up an awesome cape to wear to the Winter wedding we are going to in a couple of weeks.

Photo 15-11-2015, 5 50 55 p.m.

The evening was what I was excited for though, it was still a surprise until the day when I got a cryptic package which contained the message that we were going to Hint Hunt! I’ve been wanting to go to one of the escape rooms pretty much ever since I moved to London but had never been able to book and rearrange a visit. We headed to Euston and soon got locked inside the room. If you haven’t heard of these before, essentially you get locked into a themed room full of clues, puzzles, locks, and keys, then you have 60 minutes to figure out how to get out of the room.

It was so much fun! Honestly, such an immersive and exciting game all within 1 hour, I don’t want to give anything away but we searched, calculated and managed to escape from the room with 3 and a half minutes to spare! Definitely one of the best things I’ve done in London and I can’t wait to do some of the others which have been popping up around the city.

Photo 15-11-2015, 7 32 30 p.m.

After that excitement, we went to my all time favourite, Wahaca for a bite to eat before heading home and watching some more Mr Robot.

Overall, such an awesome weekend full of fun, amazing people and lots of smiles. I’m just so grateful for all the lovely things which I have in my life at the moment. Here is to having a great 24th year!

Have you done an escape room game?

JC xx