JC Celebrates: 250 Posts-Naked Smoky Palette Giveaway!



So I’ve hit a pretty exciting milestone – 250 posts!! That seems like a crazy amount of posts, especially when starting I only thought I would keep this up for about 3 weeks. But there we have it, 250 posts of adventures, tech and most importantly tea.

To celebrate, I thought I would highlight 5 of my favourite posts from the last 250, then do a little giveaway for my lovely readers as well.

  1. Bloggers Guide to SEO – especially number 2! These took a whole heap of research to write and I’m so happy on how they turned out
  2. Weekends Away – I really love my weekends away series, especially the most recent posts from Porto, Portugal!
  3. My Top 10 London Adventures!
  4. 36 Hours in Liverpool – I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few brands in those 250 posts, and this trip to Liverpool was definitely up there in the faves!
  5. What Beauty Jargon Really Means – along with my other beauty+science posts which I might revive one day!


So now time for the giveaway, ever my favourite – my first giveaway was for a Naked palette and I think with the new release of the Naked Smoky, it must be tradition for me to give one away! So please enter using the rafflecopter below – good luck!!


  • Prize will be 1 Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette
  • Giveaway will run from 03/09/15 – 24/09/2015
  • All entries will be verified
  • Open internationally, void where prohibited
  • No purchase necessary for entrance
  • This giveaway is not sponsored, prize paid for by me

a Rafflecopter giveaway

JC xx

PS I’m having a little blog break as I’m currently on my hols in Scotland! There won’t be the regular Sunday post, but I will be back on Tuesday!


JC Wears: Summer Wedding Guest Outfits!

So you may have seen me tweeting a lot about weddings this year. We are going to 4 weddings between July and November and well, I hadn’t actually been to a wedding before. Minus the one where I was a flower girl when I was about 5, there have been about 19 wedding free years in there.

This meant, that I had no idea of what to expect, what to wear or really what to do – but I was excited! We have attended two of the weddings so far, one in July and one in August and they were both gorgeous. I had such a good time at both. So I wanted to take this blog to run through what I finally ended up wearing to both events – my summer wedding guest outfits! I was so worried about what I should be wearing but I really love both outfits and think they worked well for the occasions!

Wedding One

Photo 25-07-2015 6 50 46 pm

The first wedding we went to was Paul’s good friend, and he was best man! It took place in Berkeley Castle, a beautiful castle over near Bristol and let me tell you, the weather was gorgeous. The service took place in a huge ornate room and the setting was amazing. We had drinks in the garden, a tour of the castle rooms and a whole lot of dancing.

Photo 25-07-2015 12 15 51 pm

As for the outfit, I had some vouchers for Arcadia (Dorothy Perkins and Topshop), I decided that Dorothy Perkins would be the best bet and went off shopping. Given the setting, I wanted something quite classy and eventually settled on this blue number. It has slight rouching with a keyhole at the top, though not easily seen. I really like the length and general shape of the dress. It was a bit longer than my normal dresses but I actually very much enjoyed the cut. It does come with a blue belt, but I didn’t like it much so decided to wear it without it.

Photo 20-08-2015 3 26 43 pm

I could not decide what to pair this with, eventually as the weather was so good, I got away with a grey cardigan, though only wore it for a little while. The one thing I did want to wear was something on the head! I wandered through accesorize and eventually settled on this white fascinator.

I paired it with some nude heels and a nude bag to complete the look. And I think it matched very well with Pauls top and tails! As Paul was best man for the day, I didn’t get the best outfit shots but I think you can see the dress well!

Photo 27-07-2015 10 22 10 am

Wedding Two

Photo 15-08-2015 4 10 19 pm


Photo 15-08-2015 2 52 17 pm

I noticed at the first wedding that florals were really popular, and so for the second one, I wanted to get something floral! This wedding was set in a church in Exmoor for the ceremony (with that amazing view!) with the ceremony in an gorgeous marquee.

Photo 16-08-2015 5 38 14 pm

I ended up being a bit strapped for time in terms of buying an outfit, so decided to attempt to buy something online. I’m not usually the biggest online shopper, as I’m never sure if it will really fit but I think I did well in picking this pink and black floral number from boohoo.

Photo 20-08-2015 3 25 13 pm

I really like the shape of the dress with the flares and pleats. It is that kind of scuba material which I enjoy too as it means it is stretchy and fits well!

I ended up pairing this with some black wedges and a black cardigan. You can’t see it too well in the pics from the day but I wore a diamante headband instead of the fascinator, I took a quick snap of it now as I really like it!

Photo 23-08-2015 5 28 04 pm

Overall, I had such a good time at both weddings and it was really fun having a couple of occasions to buy some new outfits for – it doesn’t happen enough! We have another wedding coming up in September, and the final in November which I’m really excited for. As the same people attended both of these weddings, I decided it was best to buy 2 new outfits but I think I will likely bring these out again for the ones coming up!

What do you like to wear for weddings?

JC xx

JC Chats: What to Watch, Read + Listen To – August 2015

What to watch read and listen to

I know I’ve only written one post in this series, but I’m already enjoying it! It’s making me try some new bits and bobs rather than always listening and watching the same things. It’s always nice to get out of the rut and discover something new! So without further ado, my picks for what to watch read and listen to this month.


Great British Bakeoff


Of course this has to be in here! I do love me some bake off, the tent, the hosts, Mary, what more could you need? If you aren’t watching then you need to catch up on iplayer and get into the joy. Bread week has probably been my favourite week so far. I’m not sure who I’m backing yet, give it a couple of weeks and I will have a firm favourite. I’ve also been loving everyones bake along posts! So interesting seeing what people are baking, I’ve been having a good read of all those on Rhyme+Ribbons/This Particulars bake off bake along.



I really enjoyed this movie. It is almost like a rom-com but hilarious and centres around Amy, a commitment phobe who jumps from man to man whilst working as a journalist. It reminded me a little of things like Bridesmaids, so if you like that kind of film then give it a watch.


Station Eleven

station eleven

I haven’t read too much this month – it’s been a busy one. I have managed to read Station Eleven which I quite enjoyed. It centres around a post apocolyptic world where the population has mostly been wiped out by the Georgian Flu. 20 years after it happens, there is a travelling company who perform Shakespeare for the colonies which were left. It is really beautifully written, pulling together two storylines of past and present. Highly recommend.

The Lie

I read this one pretty quick – I thought it was okay. If you are a fan of Gone Girl, Girl on the Train etc. then it is in a similar vein so give it a read!


John Newman – Tribute


I finally got Spotify this month! Woo! I’m really enjoying it, finally can start to listen to a range of music. I streamed the John Newmans album and really enjoyed it. I already liked a few of his songs anyway but the rest of the album is just as good.

Also highly recommend Spotify if you need to mix up your music, plus if you get premium and can listen offline which is super handy for me.


SRSLY Podcast

SRSLY is a podcast that centres around everything on this post! It is a podcast hosted by [], who discuss new bits in terms of books, TV, music and films. I really like the hosts, they have a good dynamic and always have extras on the show. Plus I thought it was time to bring it a bit of a different podcast to my repertoire!



Also something very new to my repertoire. Limetown is made in the style of Serial but it’s fictional. Focusing on a reporter who is investigating the ‘Limetown disappearance’, where a whole town of 300 people suddenly disappeared. There has only been one episode so far but I really enjoyed it so watch this space!

What have you been loving this month?

JC xx

JC Drinks: Blood Orange Southern Comfort Cocktails!


We all know I like a good drink. I am usually a gin lover, but I am always on the look out for the new favourite tipple. I’m not going to lie, I had never tried Southern Comfort when they got in touch, I had heard of it frequently but as I’m not the biggest whiskey lover was a little undecided on whether I would enjoy it.


A little while later, the new Blood Orange Southern Comfort* came through the door (alongside a deck chair!). Hannah, Paul and I were pretty excited to try it. And let me tell you – it is good.

Like seriously good.

Like I got sent the bottle, then about 10 days later, I went to create some fancy cocktails, and we had managed to drink our way through 2/3rds of the bottle. It is just so drinkable! A slight whisky tinge, flavoured with blood orange, fruits, and spices. It almost tastes a bit mulled wine-y but with a whisky flavour. I experimented with a few different concoctions, the best standard I could find was the traditional Southern Comfort + (diet) coke which is delicious and makes a nice change to a G+T.

However, I was determined to make a couple of fancier cocktails for you all to try, and they are some great ones!


Blood Orange Fizz


This is a really refreshing cocktail, something which is perfect for a hot summer evening!

35mL Blood Orange Comfort

15mL Lemon Juice

100mL Soda Water

Mint Leaves

Rub the mint around the glass, before combining the rest of the ingredients – in a shaker if you have it or directly into the glass. Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy!

Southern Comfort Scarlett O’Hara


This is an ideal fruity mix – great for after those hard days at work!

35mL Blood Orange Comfort

100mL Cranberry Juice

Lime Juice

Combine the ingredients in a shaker or glass, squeeze in the lime juice and garnish with a lime wedge.

Have you tried Southern Comfort? What’s your favourite combo? You can check ’em out on Facebook too!

JC xx

*I was sent Southern Comfort to try but of course, if I didn’t love it, then I wouldn’t blog it!