Why don’t more women blog about their periods?

April 14, 2014

This may be a slightly strange blog – but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now – why aren’t periods mentioned more on blogs?

I have been a big fan of beauty/lifestyle/female blogs for a long time before starting this one, and I noticed that the subject of periods and products relating to them, never really gets brought up. I do understand that it is a slightly untoward bodily function, but when it comes down to it, it is something that pretty much all women will have in their lifetime (and usually every month for a good 40 years!) but it still isn’t able to be talked about freely in mainstream culture. Even as I type this, I feel slight apprehension which I think shows how women are almost meant to feel when it comes to this area – but why should we?

If more women starting reviewing tampons/pads etc then would we get more development in the area? More diverse products may be released? I have to admit that I don’t tend to try different types myself – buying feminine products usually involves swiping the appropriate product, hiding it in the basket then moving away quickly – something I am now determined to change. I think discussing it online could shed light on some commonly avoided topics like plumbing issues due to sanitary products. For example, I would bet that not many women are aware of how to unclog tampons from the toilet, but perhaps they should be provided with this information. The more it becomes an acceptable topic to talk about online, the more these common problems can be addressed – it’s all about eroding the stigma.

So, I have decided to join those few other blogs which do mention this – and begin doing tampon/pad reviews on this blog – starting now!

First I will mention that my period tends to be very heavy for 2 days then very light at the beginning and end. I will start with two of my staples:

Tampax – Compak vs Pearl

I mainly gravitated towards Tampax as they do ‘super plus’ – which is what I need on most days of my period! I think that with applicator tampons, the tampon itself sometimes can be of a lesser quality than ones without applicators, but with Tampax I think they last well and have a secure string – no fears of it getting lost!


I first moved to the Compak ones after I was using the traditional applicators but as they were made of cardboard, I found that in haste I frequently opened them too quickly, pulled the bottom of the applicator off and spent way too long trying to thread the string back through the bottom to no avail. I also found that once the applicator was ruined, the tampons were too flexible to insert normally. The Compak are very useful as they are small and there is no chance of loosing the applicator! The applicator sits inside the top part of the tampon then you just pull it out when you are ready to use. They are absorbent and easy to insert. The tampon itself is long and thin which I prefer as it is easy to remove – it isn’t bulky even though it is super plus.


The Pearl ones I bought as they were on special at Boots – usually I wouldn’t want to spend extra on a box! I found these easy to insert – the applicator is very smooth which is good but they are longer (though no way of breaking the applicator!). The main issue I had with these was that as they took in fluid they go wide rather than long, this made some of them quite painful to remove – especially if it was a lighter day. I wouldn’t recommend these over the compak ones unless they were on sale.

I would love your opinions on this topic – whether you think this needs to be talked about more and what your favourites are!


JC xx




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