Weekends Away: Anglesey

June 7, 2014

I am a lover of weekends away. I think in the past 3 months I’ve had a total of about 3 weekends at home – though that is set to change as I am having a whole month of London in June which I’m quite excited for. However, before I start on my London stint I went away with some friends to Anglesy in North Wales! My uncle has a mobile home up there in one of the caravan parks (complete with the absolute necessity that is caravan wifi) and was kind enough to let us use it over the long weekend! Safe to say, Anglesey was one of my favourite places I have been to in the UK!

Getting there:

I needed to pick up the keys and wanted to drop in to see my grandparents so I got the Virgin train from London Euston – Manchester. My grandma was then nice enough to lend me her car for the weekend so we could drive over to Wales! The drive over there is enjoyable and leisurely – we stopped off in Conwy on the way and had a look at the castle and had some lunch.


We hit traffic after this which was a pain, they shut off a lane for no reason which caused a traffic jam for about an hour! But once we passed Bangor we finally got a glimpse of Anglesey and headed across to Red Wharf Bay. I do recommend driving to Anglesey as it’s the best and easiest way to get around – it is a rural area so there isn’t much in the way of public transport.


Anglesey itself is beautiful. You can glimpse a few castles and rolling hills in the distance – including Snowdonia and Mount Snowdon (which I did mistake for a just another hill). The countryside really reminds me of New Zealand and I loved being off the grid for awhile – we had no wifi and my phone was out of action.

The area we stayed by Red Wharf Bay was amazing. The bay had the craziest high and low tide:


This is the beautiful bay in the high tide – we got some good weather for a day or so and we made the best of wandering along the beach!


And this by the same point, looking out slightly to the side in low tide. How crazy is that difference? It was amazing to watch and you could walk all the way across to the other side!



Here are another couple of beautiful pics – there are lots of farms about including these horses next to where we were staying!


Another crazy thing was the daylight hours – above is literally at about 10.30pm, as we were so far North it was light for so long!


There was also a beautiful sandy beach near us – though the water was a little chilly!


We also went to a petting farm! Aren’t the lambs so cute?? We fed lots of little animals and had a wander round the fields.

Getting home:

Getting home was much easier! No traffic to speak of. We stopped off in Chester on the way home as my friends hadn’t been there before and it is an old fave:



I love North Wales. I know I have been to NZ quite recently, but one of the only downers about London is how much I miss being able to get back into nature and not being constantly surrounded by people! This definitely helped me with this and I will most definitely be going back.

Have you been to Anglesey?

JC xx



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