Top 5 Netflix Series – or How to Procrastinate!

July 30, 2014

My Netflix addiction tends to wax and wane. When I first moved to the UK, had no friends, no TV, and not much to do, Netflix was there for me. I’m usually a movie person compared to a TV series lover and I love to indulge in action movies or movies that revolve around gambling of some sort. Casino Royale has to be my favorite! But I was going through movies pretty quickly, even when they were 3 hours long. So much so, I even started researching what films to watch next because I felt like I had watched all of the movies available on Netflix. Thankfully, I was able to view the rankings of various films thanks to NewCasinoSites! That made choosing a movie so much easier. But then I moved onto TV series instead. They filled my hours, and my brain with quality programming. Now I am a lot busier, own a TV and seem to have a serious addiction to Come Dine with Storage Hunters and Me, so I’ve been watching it a bit less. But I would run through my top 5 things I have watched recently on Netflix. If you see anything that I have mentioned below, feel free to check out any of the shows. If they do not show any of these shows in your country on Netflix, there are always ways around it, like using VPNs. But not all of them are reliable, so avoid some of these VPN services.

1. House of Cards


House of Cards has initially been something I picked and thought I would watch the first one and see how I go, it was when it had first come out, and I hadn’t heard too much about it. Around 4 hours later, at some ridiculous AM hour, I realized I was onto a gem. Full of incredible characters, plot twists, and an excellent filming style, this is the best thing I have watched in years. It centers around the Whitehouse in America and Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) journey to power through the journalists, scandals, and scheming he seems to undertake continually!

I love Frank while also hating him – the best conversation, and I love the one-liners he throws at the viewers. This is a show you have to absorb into, you need to pay attention to everything and anything, and although things may not click for a while, they will eventually.

I just watched season 2 which although not as epic as season 1, I still loved. I would honestly pay the 4.95 monthly fee or whatever it is just to watch this show. It’s an addiction I am happy to indulge.

2. Orange is the New Black


I did mention this in my June Faves but thought I needed to pop it in again. This is also an amazing Netflix produced show. It is about a women’s prison and the inmates and their stories. It is great to see a female-led cast, and each episode keeps me enthralled as they simultaneously go through what is happening in prison while doing the backstories about how each character ended up in jail in the first place. This is highly entertaining, not as cerebral as house of cards but still something that keeps you watching.

3. The Good Wife


I remember a lot of hype around this when it first came out, but I never picked up on it. I just saw Big from Sex and the City and couldn’t get past that! However, I was in need of something, and I thought I’d give this a shot. This centers around a politicians wife – he has been caught up in a sex scandal and goes to prison, this leads to her going back and picking up her old job as a lawyer.

I thought this was great as it is serialized – i.e., a different story each episode (think CSI), I have been watching so many series with story arcs (see the above two!) it was nice to watch something where if I was doing something else, I didn’t miss out on a huge aspect of the plot. This is easy watching, pop it on in the background and get something done!

4, Fringe


Fringe is weird, not going to lie, but I like it. I was a big lost fan, and this is by the same people. It is also serialized, but there is some weird stuff going on, which does arc through the season. This is a long series – each season is 24 episodes. I’m still slowly making my way through, but it’s a high back up, and I love me some Joshua Jackson – always lovely to have some memories of Dawson’s Creek!

5. The Inbetweeners


Now I think this might only be on the American Netflix… or it used to be on British but was recently taken off? But either way, it’s on 4OD as well. I had seen the odd Inbetweeners episode and saw the movie ages ago, but I finally sat down recently and watched the whole series. It is so hilarious, it’s just such a typical teenage boy show, but it just cracks me up! There are some cringe moments, but they are worth it, and I’m looking forward to the second movie, which comes out next month!

What are your fave Netflix series? What should I watch next? I’m looking forward to Scandal, Dexter, and Suits, which I want to start!

JC xx

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