Weekends Away: Prague

July 23, 2014

Time for another weekend away! I recently headed to Prague with my boyfriend, luckily we had some time of work so this wasn’t technically a weekend but it was over 3 days. Prague has been one of my favourite cities in Europe that I have visited so far, and I really recommend it to all! So read on for my experience and a bit of a city guide.

Getting There:

I’m not sure if I just have bad Europe geography, but I was shocked when the flight from London – Prague is only an hour and a half! We flew with easyjet for a really reasonable price – definitely under 150 pounds return. Getting from the airport to the centre is pretty easy on a bus to the metro station – it is clearly sign posted in English. You can also get to Prague through rail or car directly into the centre. It’s definitely an easy enough place to get to, that’s why so many people are starting to go there for their stag dos funnily enough. If you are interested on how to organize a stag weekend in Prague, or you simply just want to go for a holiday it’s very easy to do.

Getting Around:

After living in London, I expect everywhere to be expensive in regards to public transport, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that the price for 90 minutes on public transport in Prague is 32Kr or around 1 pound! The transport system is excellent, made up of buses, trams, metro and trains. You can buy 90 minutes tickets from ticket machines (keep your coins!) and then you just validate them when you get on. When I visited New York I used a babylon map and that helped me get around. Prague’s pretty easy to figure out though.

General Expenses:

In general Prague is such a cheap city to visit! They have not yet adapted the Euro so are still on the Czech Kroner which the pound is very strong against. In general meals were around 5 pounds, beer was a pound or less, public transport is cheap – if you are on a budget then this is the place to be!

Itinerary/Things to Do:

Of course there are a million and one things to do in Prague but I will give a run through of what we did.

Day one:

We arrived around lunchtime on Sunday so the main points of the day were finding the hotel and our bearings! We stayed at the gorgeous Hotel Questenberk which is right next to Prague castle and up a giant hill. We were recommended to get the tram but decided to walk instead – a wee bit of a hike, but we got some amazing views.

Photo 01-07-2014 11 46 25 am

Photo 02-07-2014 08 56 50 am

Day two:

As we were right next door to the castle we decided to explore for most of the day. The castle is made up of many different areas, a cathedral, a church, state rooms, palace, gardens – it’s the biggest castle complex in the world. We kitted up with audioguides as I am a fact junkie and made our way around. I really recommend this if you are interested to learn about the culture, history, religion and political standings of Prague!

Photo 30-06-2014 09 59 21 am

This is the entrance to the castle and always has guards standing outside – the guards swap every hour and there is a changing of the guards at 12pm.

Photo 30-06-2014 11 23 11 am

We paid to go into St Vitus’ Cathedral – it wasn’t expensive and had an amazing gothic section. One of the most beautiful cathedrals I have been in!

Photo 30-06-2014 12 47 11 pm

This is the main room in the palace and state rooms and is where the previous Presidents and Kings were all appointed. It has an amazing vaulted ceiling!

After the castle we had a full wander round the centre of Prague, I think the best bit about Prague was the architecure, all of the buildings in the middle of the town are beautiful. It is one of the only major cities in Europe which wasn’t bombed in the war and you can definitely tell. There are two main squares, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square:

Photo 29-06-2014 05 38 11 pm

In old town square you find a lot of tourists! But you also find the astronomical clock which is gorgeous to look at, it does chime on the hour but it’s nothing too exciting if you’re not nearby.

Photo 30-06-2014 07 55 27 pm

Wenceslas square is a bit different, it has a lot of shops and bars and is more modern. On one end there is the national museum but it was shut when we went. I also found the very exciting shop of Sephora! I blogged about my purchases here.

Day Three:

If I have the time in any of the cities I visit then I always like to get out of the centre for a bit and see some of the wider area. Paul is a keen cyclist so I thought a bike tour would be a good way to go. We went with Praha Bike Tours and did the Troja River Tour. Essentially we cycled along the river all the way out of Prague for an hour, we visited the Troja Summer Palace, went to a couple of the huge parks in the area then stopped in the trendy area of Letna for a beer in a beer garden! Even though I couldn’t remember the last time I rode a bike I still managed to keep up! I did have to walk up one hill but it was lovely to be by the river and see a less well known site.

Photo 01-07-2014 09 29 20 pm

Here is me and Paul posing in front of the summer palace!

Photo 01-07-2014 04 02 58 pm

And cycling through one of the main parks!

Day four:

This was our last day and we did a food tour! I love doing food tours in new countries as eating is one of my favourite things. Sometimes I find it hard to get a handle and really find and eat good food in new places so this provides an excellent remedy. Ideally I like doing this on the first day I get somewhere as it gives you a good idea of where to eat for the rest of the trip, but in this case there was no availability so we did it on our last day.

A food tour essentially consists of eating a lot of food and walking around! There were 7 stops and you tried something Czech at each stop – 6 were food stops and 1 was a brewery stop. It was a really great experience and we got a lot of really good food! Plus we got to see beer being made which was really interesting. We went with Eating Prague Tours.

Photo 02-07-2014 02 07 46 pm

Possibly the best soup of my life – sauerkraut soup with bacon and dumplings.

Photo 02-07-2014 02 05 29 pm

We went to an old clock tower and ate up there which was amazing!

After the food tour we wandered about and headed to the airport to come home! Prague is an excellent city which is cheap, cultured and full of things to do. I really recommend if you want a weekend away somewhere in Europe.

I have done some other weekends away posts, you can read about Anglesey or Lisbon!

JC xx

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