Marinated Chicken Salad: Recipe and Pics!

August 8, 2014

Following on from my crispy Greek pie, I thought I would share with you a really quick and simple salad that I like to cook in the summer. I prefer to have salads for dinner so I’m not too full before bed – but I like to make them jam packed full of good stuff so I actually want to eat them!

You will need:
Chicken for two people
Bag of fresh coriander
Soy sauce

Vege Salad ingredients of your choice
Dressing – I used the sainsburys sweet chilli and coriander.

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I like this recipe as you can marinate the chicken early, it is really simple and means you get maximum flavour for minimum effort! I bought a pack of mini chicken fillets as it was the cheapest cut at tescoes that day but any type of chicken will work. I simple chop it up and throw it in a plastic sandwich bag which will seal. To that I add the juice of half a lemon, a good 3 tablespoons of soy sauce (or enough to coat the chicken), two cloves of garlic and a big handful of coriander, roughly pulled apart.

Throw all this in the bag with the chicken, seal then mix it all together to make sure all the chicken is coated in the mixture. Then pop this is the fridge – I usually leave it for about an hour.

Once you are ready to eat I simply assemble the salad, for my vege ingredients I usually just pick whatever is on sale at the supermarket – in this case it was a bag of salad lettuce greens and some chopped carrot with green beans. I put my salad leaves on the bottom to form the bulk then comes my favourite – the Brie. I know this is a slightly odd choice for the flavours and for the salad in general but I really like putting a little treat in my salad, and by adding this then putting hot veges and chicken on top, it melts into a gooey delicious sauce! This is of course optional but I love it. I then usually add another handful of coriander to the salad itself as I am a coriander addict.

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I then simply fried my chicken until it was cooked through – then chopped it roughly if it needs it.

Photo 27-07-2014 07 51 36 pm

Last, I microwaved the rest of my vege and added it to the salad! I’m not a big fan of cold salads so I like to add some warm veges to make it a bit more appetising.

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I drizzle some dressing on and tuck in! A healthy and easy dinner.

What’s your favourite salad ingredients?

JC xx

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