Crafting: Hooked on Cross Stitch!

September 8, 2014

When I first began my blog a few months ago, I did want to do a big section on crafting as I had been doing a lot earlier in year. However, life seemed to get in the way and all my little projects got pushed to the side. Now I am getting a bit better at balancing my time I thought I would feature a few of these on the blog!

Recently, I have become a lot more crafty! I would say I’ve always been a little crafty but this year, I’ve tried so many new crafts. Every day I seem to have packages delivered to my house filled with quilting fabric, threads, and sewing needles. One craft that I have fallen in love with is cross stitch. Cross stitch was the first craft I took up, my grandma is an avid cross stitcher and has made many beautiful pictures for our houses. So when I was younger she introduced me!

Cross stitch in essence is very simple, the stitch is a simple cross of thread which you do in many different colours to make a picture. It isn’t the most exciting of crafts but I really enjoy putting a movie or tv show on, snuggling on the couch and doing a bit of stitching whilst I watch it. I find cross stitch very satisfying as it’s quite exciting to see them grow over time. It is a patient pursuit, unlike crochet and knitting, some of my cross stitches can take up to a year to complete! Obviously it depends on my time restraints but they do take a long time to build up. I thought I would show you the cross stitches I have done in the past few years.


This is actually my second full cross stitch as I can’t seem to find my first – it was a mouse in a field but is probably in a box somewhere in my parents house! I did this one for my grandma (explaining the picture!) and I got the kit when we went to visit the house of the seven gables in America. It wasn’t my favourite of stitches as the large blocks of colour were a bit boring – along with the darker shades. I learnt from that and my next pieces had much more diverse colourings!


The Kookaburra was my second piece and the largest one I have done. I did this for my dad after he moved to Australia. I really enjoyed this one as it had a huge variety of colours – which makes it take a lot longer – but looks really great at the end! The satisfaction when this was done was immense!


My third large piece was this bowl of flowers. I did this for my other grandma to go in her living room. I enjoyed this piece as well, but it took me probably a year or so to finish because of all the colours! I really liked working with the bright threads and it looks really nice on the wall.


My most recent finished piece which I did in about 4 months last year was a version of Van Goghs Starry Night. I did this for my mum but I think my dad may have acquired it for his office at work. This was a bit of a change for me as you can see it doesn’t have any white space so the amount of stitches is huge! There was also about 20 shades of blue which ended up getting a bit confusing. There was also no backstitch on this which is what you do after the crosses to define some of the areas – such as the black outline on the flowers – so it didn’t end up taking quite as long as some of the others.

I’m currently working on something a little different, I wanted to make something to hang on my wall like a tapestry! I have only just started but it is a montage of London attraction and I think it will end up looking quite modern. In the past, I’ve gifted some friends items like a Custom photo tapestry and other pictures they can hang on their walls in their home, so I thought why not start creating some myself that I can give to others too!

So you want to get into cross stitch?

Then I really recommend it! It’s easiest to start with a kit which includes your tapestry, needle, threads and patterns. I have taken a picture of what I’m using for my current one below. When you get more experienced and start building a little stash then you can buy the pattern and threads separately.

Photo 02-09-2014 05 30 57 pm

They have a lot more of the traditional cross stitch kits at places such as hobby craft – ranging from about £15 to £80 depending on the size. I do recommend a smaller one such as the bookmark I made below so you don’t get put off!


If you are looking for a more modern pattern then etsy is great – there are many shops which sell patterns to download or who will provide the whole kit for you to use!

I hope this little overview was interesting – let me know if you like posts like this on the blog!

Do you cross stitch?

JC xx

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