My Holy Grail Nail Polish – Maybelline 7 Day Super Stay Gel Nail Colour

September 17, 2014

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I know that is a huge claim, but I have found my holy grail nail polish. Recently I was raving about the Barry M Gelly Hi Shines, I do like them and their lasting power but they can be a bit of a pain to apply. Recently, my friend Meggie sent me a beauty package and included the Maybelline 7 Day Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in it – and oh my am I happy she did! I love having gel nails, I can do my own manicure at home and it looks flawless. I was recommended using a UV lamp voor Gelnagels to help them dry quickly if I am in a bit of a rush, it is definitely something I’m considering because nothing gets you down more than when you’ve done a fresh coat and it gets smudged within seconds!

The Maybelline nail polish is everything I want in a nail polish! With this being said, I also love the formula that brands like Chanel have come up with for their nail polishes. If longwear and dazzling shine is what you are after, Le Vernis Longwear is the perfect Chanel nail polish for you. And with the large colour range, there’s something out there for everyone! By the end of the year, I’m pretty sure Maybelline and Chanel will be in my top 5 brands of this year, without any question.
The applicator is large with a big brush – a lot like the essie brush which means I can easily swipe it on, two swipes and my whole nail is covered. I also find the larger lid makes the brush easier to hold. It goes on opaque and in reality probably only needs one coat, though I have always done two. I love the two colours I have bought.

The best bit is that once it is on your nails it doesn’t budge. Seriously, I had the pink shade on for a week and it look like I had just done my nails, save for one scratch which was bound to happen putting keys onto a key ring. After that there is only minimal chipping on the ends of my nails. I did use a top coat with this – the Sally Hansen double top/bottom coat but I use this on all my nail polishes so I think it would have lasted just as well without it.

Nail care isn’t just about your products or routine. It’s about maintaining the overall health of your hands and feet whenever issues become apparent. For example, fungal infections on your toenail may develop which will mean that you’ll likely want to look into things like Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment to remedy the problem. If you’ve got toenail fungus, what use is nail polish?

The gorgeous pink shade is 180 which seems to have two names, Rosy Pink and Rose Fuschia. I found it very hard to take a picture of this as it is a lot more pink in real life:

Photo 01-09-2014 06 40 26 am

The second I picked up once I got sent the above from Meggie was 230 Berry Stain. I do really like this purple shade but not sure if it fully suits my skin tone – or I’m just not used to seeing dark nail polish on my nails:

Photo 07-09-2014 11 10 06 am

Best part is that I managed to get that for a bargain of 3 pounds at Sainsburys. At that price you just can’t go wrong!

Have you tried this nail polish before? Are you as in love with it as I am?

JC xx

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