My Weekend in 24 Photos!

September 15, 2014

I felt as though I haven’t done a lifestyle post in quite awhile! I recently saw Kerri over at Crumbs in the Bed do a post on 1 day 12 pics, so I thought I would steal that idea but do it over a whole weekend. Make sure to check out her blog, one of my faves!


Photo 13-09-2014 07 50 23 am Photo 13-09-2014 09 31 34 am Photo 13-09-2014 10 08 09 am

7.30am: Up very early as we were off to Castle Combe race circuit for a track day. The night before we drove out of London to Pauls parents so we didn’t have to battle any London traffic.

9.30am: We went to the drivers briefing in order to get our wrist band. Paul has driven this circuit many times, but this was my first time going out on track!

10:15am: It was time to go, here Paul is with his nice racing helmet waiting in the pits.

Photo 13-09-2014 10 07 59 am (1) Photo 13-09-2014 10 08 12 am Photo 13-09-2014 01 15 27 pm

10:15am: Selfie time in my borrowed motorbike helmet before we went out (if you’re looking for a motorbike helmet but can’t decide on the best one, check out Box BX-1Plain helmet review to give you some more info! Wearing the right helmet is really important so you’re welcome in advance for the advice!) You have to wear a helmet to be allowed on track! Speaking of motorbikes, I have always wanted to own one. I’ve even taken it upon myself to check out sites like Superbike Loans, just to see if there are any ways that I can stay financially stable and be able to get my hands on a motorbike! That would be the dream! It’s little experiences like the one I had here that just confirms what I want for sure. My friend told me that you can Find a Bell Motorbike Helmet on and I’ve seen some beautiful helmets. I can’t wait for the day I buy a motorbike.

10:15am: Here is a view of the pit and the skyline in front of us before we went out.

11am: I didn’t get any pictures when we went out as it was very fast and I needed to hold on! But I really enjoyed it and Paul enjoyed being back on track again (he used to be a racing driver up until a few years ago).

Photo 13-09-2014 11 54 02 am Photo 13-09-2014 03 58 11 pm Photo 13-09-2014 09 43 22 pm

2:30pm: We hung around Castle Combe for most of the day, and got to watch some of the drifting which I haven’t seen before.

4:30pm: We then headed back to Paul’s parents before going out for a meal. Here is their cute cat scampi!

4:30pm: I also picked up a Coke life during the day. I have a bit of a diet coke addiction so I was interested to know what this was like. It definitely tastes more like coke than diet coke. I did enjoy it but I don’t think it is a replacement.

Photo 13-09-2014 05 22 49 pm Photo 13-09-2014 07 22 53 pm Photo 13-09-2014 09 43 49 pm

6pm: I had a quick outfit, hair and make up change to get ready for dinner. I just bought this dress from Dorothy Perkins and love it! I really enjoy floral all year round.

7pm: We all headed out to a local pub and I had some delicious seafood fettucine! I feel like I don’t have fish/seafood as much as I would like so am making a conscious effort to have more when I go out.

9.30pm: We then drove back home after dinner, I recently won some B. products from Kelly over at The Vegan Taff (check out her awesome blog!) so I took the opportunity to try the micellar water. I haven’t used a micellar water but was very pleased with it! Really cuts through make up, though I did make the mistake of using it on my eye which stung quite a bit. I have learnt my lesson!


Photo 14-09-2014 09 41 40 am Photo 14-09-2014 10 03 27 am Photo 14-09-2014 10 55 45 am

9am: Had a bit of a lie in this morning, here is my just woken up selfie.

10am: We had eaten quite a bit of junk at castle combe so decided to get a work out in. Paul went off to the gym and I did a work out video. This is my favourite set up where I can catch up on my youtube beauty bloggers at the same time! I did Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones which is certainly a work out.

11am: Here is my post workout selfie, great workout and was ready for a relaxed day!

Photo 14-09-2014 11 26 03 am (1) Photo 14-09-2014 12 25 39 pm Photo 14-09-2014 02 11 20 pm

11:30am: We were off to brunch with my sister so I did a quick make up look including, Nars creamy concealer, Benefit Fake Up, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Naked 1 palette, Benefit High Beam and Teeez Desert Metals Mascara. I also used my L’oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks but didn’t get a picture. I have linked any relevant reviews on the above!

12:30pm: Paul and I then headed off for brunch with my sister and her boyfriend in Clapham. I had some delicious drop scones with berry coulis and greek yogurt.

3pm: Once we got home from lunch I went and picked up some ingredients for dinner.

Photo 14-09-2014 03 17 06 pm Photo 13-09-2014 05 17 05 pm Photo 14-09-2014 05 07 20 pm

3.30pm: I finally managed to have a sit down and catch up on some blog reading!

4pm: I had a bit of a play with my naked 3, I’m trying to come up with some wearable looks with the darker shades which I’m not as comfortably using – if you have any then please let me know!

5pm: We then started season 2 of American Horror Story. I think I prefer the first season so far but we will see, still great to watch!

Photo 14-09-2014 06 31 42 pm Photo 14-09-2014 07 22 15 pm Photo 02-09-2014 05 30 57 pm

6pm: I cooked up some Singpaore Noodles from Jamie Olivers Save With Jamie cook book and it was delicious.

7pm: I took a few pictures for some upcoming blog posts – and sat down to check my posts for the upcoming week.

9pm: Now I am sitting here writing this blog post, and soon to do a bit of cross stitch before bed! I haven’t taken that picture yet so I took this from my recent post on cross stitching.

Phew so there was my weekend! It was a pretty awesome weekend, I like mixing it up with a day doing something then a more relaxed day at home.

It’s the first time I’m doing a post like this so let me know what you think!

JC xx

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