Collective Haul: Lush, Yankee, + Cookbooks!

October 16, 2014

I have been trying to spend less money lately but I have picked up a few bits and bobs recently and I didn’t really feel like I could do a whole post on each so I thought I would squash them all together into one big haul post! I picked up a few things from Lush, The Body Shop, Yankee Candles and Amazon.

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Firstly Lush – I find I don’t have much time for baths but I do enjoy them. But I definitely have a lot more in the cooler months, and as I have been working some long days, it has been amazing to come home and just relax for awhile in a hot bath. So when I went to the #LDNbloggermeetup (which was awesome by the way!), I popped into Lush on Regent’s Street. I only picked up a couple of things, then I was lucky enough to get the third at the meet up.

Photo 06-10-2014 8 03 29 pm Photo 06-10-2014 7 50 37 pm (1)

I bought the penguin bubble bar, which I was a little disappointed with – it just didn’t give me as many bubbles I would have liked but other than that was amazing, it turned the bath an amazing blue and smelt so good! My bathroom still smells of it when I go in which I am loving. It was also really kind to the skin. The other two I haven’t tried yet but I bought the butter bath bomb which says that it has shea butter to smooth the skin and the santa claus one! This one looked so cool but smashed a little in my bag on the way home – still perfect to use in the bath though so looking forward to that.

Photo 30-09-2014 5 01 25 pm

Following my trip to Prague with Paul, we picked up a huge yankee candle in Soft Blanket on our way back through the airport. This has definitely started an addiction! That one was a jar and not only did it last for ages but I was really impressed with how much the smell diffused around the room, I never seem to get that with other candles. I went for a quick browse on Yankee Doodle and decided to get some multi packs of the smaller candles – I could not decide on a scent! So I picked up the Autumn sampler and the Christmas Sampler – 10 smaller candles in total but total burn time of 150 hours which should keep us going for awhile. They were also quite affordable – only about 8 pounds each which I can definitely justify!

I have only burnt two so far, out of the Autumn pack, Lake Sunset which was quite a floral, light scent and honey glow which is sweet and warming. I have really like both so far and they all smell delicious in the pack!

I absolutely adore candles and love chatting to my friends about all the amazing brands out there. One of my friends is a big fan of products made by Scentsy and has promised to let me have a look at some of her favorites next time I visit! You can learn more about the Scentsy range at

Furthermore, I have also been cooking a lot more so decided to buy a couple of books from Amazon. Cook books can be surprisingly cheap on there, I think I got both of these for 12 pounds. I bought Jamie Olivers Save with Jamie and Mary Berry Cook Now Eat Later. They are both lovely high quality but I really like the Jamie one! The recipes are delicious, easy to make and give some great affordable options. I haven’t made anything out of Mary’s yet – they do all sound great but seem to all be in portions for 6 people which is a pain when you are only cooking for two. I made the Singapore Noodles the other day and they were so nice!

So there are a few of my recent purchases, have you tried any?

JC xx

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