London Town Date Night + Wahaca!

October 19, 2014

Whilst Paul and I do go out for dinner and to the movies quite a bit, we haven’t had a proper date night where we get dressed up and go out on the town in ages! So this Friday, we decided to go out for dinner in central London then have a bit of a wander round the city and go out for a drink.

We pondered where to go but eventually decided on Wahaca. Wahaca is a mexican chain which I think is now around the UK. We had been once a long time ago so thought it was time to go back! Mexican is one of my favourite types of cuisine – I don’t think you can go wrong with big bold flavours, a bit of chilly, creamy sour cream and delicious guacamole!

Photo 17-10-2014 5 38 26 pm

First, comes the face. I decided that it was time to wear a bold lip! I haven’t worn bright lipstick in awhile as I don’t like wearing it to work and haven’t been out too much. This is the elf matte lip colour in Rich red and I love it! It is so creamy and lovely to apply, not to mention opaque and stays put! Although you can’t see my eyes too well, I combined this will some pinky neutrals from the naked 3 palette and a whole lot of black eyeliner – also something I never seem to have time to apply these days so it was nice to wear. I used one of my holy grail eyeliners – the collection 24hr, which does not budge. I wrote a review on it awhile ago, and I can report it has not yet dried out!

We then headed out on the train to Waterloo and went to the wahaca opposite. I prefer this one to the one on Southbank as it is a lot bigger. We of course started out with Margaritas – the hibiscus one is really nice and gives a great cranberry flavour (which makes it very drinkable so watch out!). Alongside some guacamole of course which I scoffed so quick that I didn’t get to take a picture – but it was good, rich and creamy with red onion. I could’ve licked the bowl (but refrained as I was on a date!).

Photo 17-10-2014 6 39 30 pm Photo 17-10-2014 6 39 16 pm

Left: Chicken Taquitos and my hibiscus magarita Right: one of the steak tacos

I think the best bit about wahaca is that you can get small plates and share them. This is my favourite thing to do when eating out as I like to try a little bit of everything. We had the steak and chipotle tacos, the black bean tostada, chicken taquitos and chicken quesidillas. They were all really nice but the steak tacos were amazing! The steak was melt in the mouth and it had a nice kick to go along with it. The tostadas were good too as I had never had one before, but they are like a cripsy wrap which is covered by a cold black bean and cheese salad – it was refreshing to have something light and fresh as sometimes mexican can get quite heavy.

Photo 17-10-2014 6 39 47 pm Photo 17-10-2014 7 09 38 pm

Left: Paul looking happy with his tostada Right: Caramel churros!

We of course needed to have dessert as I can never pass by churros in a restaurant – we had them with caramel dipping sauce and they were ridiculously delicious. You can’t go past sugary, cinnamon chewy doughy dipped in caramel goodness.

Photo 18-10-2014 7 28 47 pm

After our meal we obviously needed to walk off all that food so headed over the bridge, up around Covent garden then down through Trafalgar square, back over another bridge and back to Southbank. I love wandering around London in the evenings, there is such a great atmosphere and so many awesome shops, restaurants and bars to peek into. It was just chilly enough to give a bit of Christmasy atmosphere as well.

When we made it back to Southbank we sheltered from the rain which soon started in Los Iguanas. I had never been there before but they did a nice cosmo.

Overall, it was a lovely night out – it’s nice to do something a bit different and get a bit of London atmosphere.

Oh and we also went to Honest Burger on Saturday night in Tooting which isn’t too far from us and it was delicious. Seriously, if you haven’t been to honest burger you are missing out – soft, melt in the mouth meat with brioche, cheese and red onion relish. I could eat them pretty much everyday.

Photo 18-10-2014 7 28 57 pm Photo 18-10-2014 7 29 07 pm

Have you had any good nights out recently? Do you like Wahaca and Honest burger?

And I finally got around to having a bit of a blog rejiggle – redid the top menu bar and lots of the widgets on the right hand side. Let me know what you think!

JC xx

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