September Monthly Reads: 2 Minute Reviews!

October 12, 2014

I have been reading so much over the past few months. I have started commuting to work so it’s about 1hr 30 each way 3-4 times a week, let’s just say my kindle is getting quite the work out! I do like to read blogs when on the tube but unfortunately the tricky phone signal always starts to frustrate me so especially on the way in the morning, all I do is get some good reading done.

I haven’t really reviewed many books on the blog, as I feel it’s hard to give a flavour of the book without giving away the whole plot! So I thought I would do a super quick 2 minute review of all the books I read each month rather than a full on post for each – let me know what you think!


The Circle by Dave Eggars

Thought provoking look at how technology has the ability to take over our life and privacy. Characters were a bit flimsy but it is an enjoyable read that really makes you consider the power of huge tech companies such as Apple and Google and where they will take it in the future.


The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood

First read this in school and really enjoyed it. A dystopian novel where huge radiation has caused mass infertility, the world is now split into sects, with commanders have handmaids (breeders) who are continually oppressed. This follows one handmaid and her journey from the normal 1980s into this crazy world. It’s a classic for a reason!

the martian

The Martian by Andy Weir

An astronaut gets left behind on Mars and needs to figure out how to survive until rescue comes back to get him. Similar to Galaxy but full of scientific thoughts and calculations on how to survive, written in quite a friendly tone. Enjoyed this if you feel like something a bit different.


Before I go to Sleep by SJ Watson

This just came out at the movies so thought I would have a read. All about a women whose memory only lasts 24 hours following an accident, she starts to write a journal and begins putting her life back together, but not all as it seems! Characters aren’t the best but it is an addictive read as you just want to find out what will happen! If you liked gone girl then read this one next.


Revelation by C J Sansom

This is the forth in the series about Mathew Shardlake, a lawyer who seems to get mixed up in some odd crimes in the time of Henry the Eighth. These are complex but so readable – I have loved the whole series including this one!


Daughter by Jane Shemilt

Quite depressing story of a women whose daughter disappeared and how her life falls apart. The end is a bit odd, almost like she got bored of writing so just ended it prematurely, but it is a moving read and written very well.

On the list for next months reading I have Sovereign (CJ Sansom), Police (Jo Nesbo), The Girl with all the gifts (M R Carey) and I am Pilgrim so check back for those at the beginning of November.

What have you read this month? What do you recommend?

JC xx

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