My 100th post + Learn a Little More About Me!

November 2, 2014

I have actually reached post 100 on my blog! I never thought what I started typing in April that I would keep it up or love it so much, but I did. I thought the ideal post for my 100th was to tell you a little more about me.


Yep that’s me – Blonde and head to toe Winnie the Pooh!

I was born in Manchester, UK almost 23 years ago, and lived there for 8 years surrounded by the family, several cats and one rabbit. I have one older sister – Rebecca, and we were pretty darn cute when we were little. When I turned 8, my parents decided it was a good idea to move all the way around the world to New Zealand.



My sister and I looking pretty cute!

I then hurtled my way around the world to Wellington and settled down a bit! I went to school, made some of the loveliest friends who I am still so close with today (we even have our own acronym – JCEFH) and got the cutest cat who is still wandering around my parents house and sleeping constantly.

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The girls at our leavers ball in 2009 and my cat looking particularly relaxed in the sun!


I enjoyed Wellington from the ages of 8-15 when my dad got the opportunity to go and study in America for a year – I thought this was a great chance to see another bit of the world, so I also packed my bags and we headed off to Barrington, Rhode Island for a year of memories. I went to American High School and got a taste of the movies (I did actually eat my lunch in the toilet on the first day of school!!). My mum came over for 6 months and my sister stayed in New Zealand whilst she finished uni. After about 14 months, we packed into a car and took a few weeks driving from Rhode Island to Los Angeles and flew back home to Wellington.



Snap of me in Colorado – look at that tan and the shades!!

I went back to school, managed to sit some exams, worked constantly in hospitality and popped out of high school in 2009. I was in a bit of a loss of what to do – I did the equivalent of A levels in English, History, Statistics, Biology and Chemistry at school. I had always meant to go and be a doctor but at the last minute I changed my mind and headed to uni in Wellington to study law and biology. At this time, my sister ran off to the UK and I settled down at uni.

I did a year of law, decided that it wasn’t like Boston Legal and ended up just doing biology – threw in a lot of genetics, some biotech and overall had a great uni experience. In my final year, my parents decided it was time for them to up and move to Canberra in Australia, so I moved out and into a flat for my final year (which was an experience!) and spent quite some time flying to and fro across the Tasman to visit.



Here I am in Canberra at Tidbinbilla a huge nature reserve!

I graduated with a first at the end of 2012 and decided it was time to take a ‘gap year’, move to the UK to see my grandparents and sister. I also wanted to take a bit of time out before I thought about going back to med school. I hurtled back to the UK, settled again in Manchester and did a whole lot of travelling – Aus, America on the way, then Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal which were all amazing.



My sister and I grown up in London!!


Once I got back off my Europe jaunt and after spending some time on my sisters couch in London, I decided London had won my heart as it does with many people so I packed off again and got a little flat in South London. I got an admin job on a fixed term contract at a medical college and went and enjoyed my first year in London! I didn’t earn much but that was okay – I was too busy out and about enjoying the sites. In October 2013 it was decision time and I decided that med school just wasn’t going to happen – as much as I want to become House!! I couldn’t imagine moving from London even though I missed my parents and friends so much.

I then went and met the love of my life – Paul – and I became even more attached to London! We started dating and soon moved in together. I went off and got a place on a technology consulting grad scheme which I started in July 2014 and I love it. It is a huge change, longer hours and hard work but just the challenge and step in a career I want.


Paul and I in Prague for our first holiday!


So here we are! A whirlwind tour of what brought me to writing this blog here today. I hope that gives a little more background about me – thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to join me on my London and life adventures!

JC xx

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