JC Travels: Five Destinations I want to Revisit!

November 11, 2014

I have done quite a bit of travel, especially since moving to London where all of Europe is so close by! I have about a million more places on my bucket list to go and visit, but there are certain destinations you go to where I just know I need to visit again and soon. so I thought I would run through my top 5.



Earlier in the year I had a lovely mini break to North Wales and it was spectacular (I wrote a whole blog about it)! The scenery along the coast and especially on Anglesey reminds me of New Zealand and it is a beautiful piece of the UK. All I really want to do there is wander around the hills, do some more walks and visit the tiny village pub down by the beach. It barely has any internet or phone signal but I think this is great – it’s nice to be cut off from the rest of the world and wander nature for awhile. But as soon as I am back in the car, knowing that I have the option to boost cell carrier signal, it feels like everything is back to normal. But it is nice to actually be away from my phone and technology for a while sometimes.
I am planning on going back next year!


IMG_3041 IMG_2957

I went to Barcelona in November last year to celebrate my birthday and I was captivated! We did very well with the weather as even in the winter, the sun was beaming and it was hitting 20 degrees everyday. This city seriously has everything, the churches and monuments such as the Sagrada Familia, the awesome Dandy Kat bars and resturants in old town, an amazing waterfront and beach and crazy good shopping! I really felt like you could spend a week here and still have things to do, and as I only went for a long weekend. I want to get back there! I also really want to take Paul as he hasn’t been before and I think it would be a great break destination.

Las Vegas

I have been to Vegas twice now, once when I was about 10 – then again at about 16. I really want to go back now that I am over 21 just so I can actually wander through the casinos and spend a bit of time there. Especially considering the only casinos I’ve gambled in since turning 21 have been online, which you’re able to do if you visit the website of an online casino too! When I was 16 we drove from Rhode Island to California so we only spent a couple of days there but I really love the city . There is just no where else on earth like it, and I will definitely be visiting when I next go to the States


IMG_0582 IMG_0596

I went to Budapest in the middle of winter by myself, and I only went for a couple of nights. It was an absolutely beautiful place but it did snow continually and I was freezing. I also went on a Monday where everything shut which was a bit of a pain. So I really want to go again in the summer and really experience the city and go to the some of the famous baths (which were shut when I was there)!



I have been to Paris when I was about 17 and really enjoyed it but want to go back – and luckily I am going soon for my birthday! So keep an eye out for my birthday Paris diaries very very soon!!

Where do you just need to go back to?

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JC xx

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