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November 9, 2014

I really want to start doing more life updates here on my little blog. I do write about a whole lot of stuff, but I think every couple of weeks I will start writing a little life update, along with some things that make me happy. I have found that lately I have been a bit bogged down with being busy and stressed, so focusing on some happy things is just what I need. Shout out here to Beckys Bluebell and Bumpkin blog, as I love reading her 10 happy things post each week!

So work has been so so busy lately. We are reaching a really busy and critical phase in the project which is really exciting but also lots of work to do! It has definitely been a challenge trying to balance work along with my Dad visiting from Australia, trying to see have a social life, staying healthy (I have had a pain of a cold!) and blogging. It is Sunday now and I have let myself have a day off everything – sitting, blogging and watching some Come Dine with Me! Anyone who watches this show wishes they had a dining table to have their very own dinner party. If you are looking to host your own dinner for real, you could look into a site like furniture in fashion to find modern and high quality dining table sets. That is definitely a start.

The weekend before last Paul and I went up to Manchester to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary where we had a big party with all the family – it was also when my dad arrived! He and my Uncle then came down to spend a week with us in London which has been so much fun – lots of sightseeing and eating a huge amount of food.

I am very excited as well as next Saturday it is my birthday! Woo, I will be turning 23 which I am quite excited for. We are going out for dinner with my sister on Thursday, then Paul and I are going to Paris to celebrate – so we head off on Friday on the Eurostar then back on Sunday – then I have Monday off to recover! I am then off to Manchester the weekend after.

Now, onto my ten happy things this week:

1. My dad has been over! We have had a great week doing lots of sightseeing and going out pretty much every evening which I have really enjoyed. I wish I could see my parents more often!

2. We went out for an amazing meal at Hakkasan in Mayfair which was delicious – expect a full post on this very shortly.

3. Everything is starting to feel Christmasy! I know it’s November but I love it. I have even bought some new Christmas lounge leggings, and some of the best Christmas cards quite possibly ever.

Photo 08-11-2014 4 26 03 pmPhoto 28-10-2014 6 25 05 pm

4. Going along with this, the Body Shop released their Christmas stuff and the glazed apple and cranberry smell amazing – I couldn’t help but stock up.

Photo 09-11-2014 12 31 24 pm

5. Paul cooked me some yummy sweet potato and chicken on Saturday. It’s so nice to be cooked something special and it was delicious.

6. It has finally been getting cold so Paul and I have been able to get the big duvet out and snuggle up on the couch which is one of my favourite things ever!

7. We have just started watching Dexter – so behind the times, but really enjoying it so far.

8. I managed to do a bit of sewing during the F1 yesterday – I think I will actually get my London cross stitch finished before Christmas.

Photo 02-09-2014 05 30 57 pm

9. The early mornings have meant that I get to see a lovely sun rise on my way to work.

10. It’s my birthday soon and then Christmas and just ah I am very excited about both!! I even managed to make my way to the Fortnum and Mason Christmas shop which was amazing.

Photo 01-11-2014 5 24 25 pm

What has made you happy this week?

JC xx

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