JC Shops: Giving an Experience for Christmas?

December 8, 2014

I’m not one for giant gift guides, I love reading them but I do find that gifts for Christmas and for any occasion, really, are a very personal product! The ‘gifts for your [insert relation here]’ guides never really seem to hit the spot for me. But I did want to throw my two cents in and talk about some types of gifts that I love to give – experiences – and hopefully they will inspire you!

When I was younger, I definitely always asked for ‘things’ whether the newest tech, make up, or product. And although I do still ask for tech such as when my phone breaks, I have almost gone off buying people ‘products’. I feel, especially as I and my family grow up, if my parents, sister, or boyfriend wanted something, then usually they would just buy it. So we have moved into the phase of gifting each other experiences – either vouchers to pick one themselves or a specific type, I will run through a few I have bought or received.

Theatre Vouchers:


Really great as the theatre is usually pretty pricey which puts me off going – getting some vouchers means I will put away the time and go out and see a play. I prefer giving vouchers than tickets as it lets people decide when and what to see. I still have some which I am very excited to use, and I used my last ones to see 1984 which was amazing!

Red Letter Days/ Virgin Experience Days:


There are a whole heap of amazing experiences on these two websites! I have gifted and received these either as a specific gift (afternoon tea and a trip on a boat down the Thames) or as a voucher (which I spent going to the Harry Potter Experience!). There are so many to choose from including a lot of options up or down the country so do give them a browse.

Spa Vouchers:

I love love love going to the spa and getting a massage or a facial. But I can never seem to put away the money to go to one myself – they are expensive and it is quite the indulgence! I love receiving spa vouchers as it means I can go and get pampered whilst feeling guilt free. There are some good spa wellness vouchers you can get for the UK which allows you to pick which spa you go to so the recipient can choose where and what to get!

Afternoon Teas:


The same way I feel about spas I do feel about afternoon teas. They are so enjoyable but quite the indulgence. For my sisters birthday last year, I got us a voucher to go to the Ritz for afternoon tea, off last minute. It was a great experience and I wrote a whole review on it here – definitely a gift I would enjoy!

National Trust/English Heritage:

Finally, for my sisters birthday this year I got her a National Trust membership for a year. This is a great option as it means the receiver can go and get into national trust buildings (there are 1000s!) for free. Lots of experiences all in one present!

So they are the gifts that I love giving and receiving – not your typical but things I think people really appreciate.

How do you feel about giving experiences as gifts?

JC xx

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