JC Reflects: 2014 Life Highlights!

December 24, 2014

We have made it to Christmas Eve!! I feel as though I have been counting down to Christmas for ages and it is finally almost here. I think Christmas eve is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, I have done beauty, books and travel over the past few days so it is time to take into account the rest of it! It is also the end of blogmas, which is crazy, 24 days of blogging. I have loved it but don’t think I will become a daily blogger. I will be going back to my 3-4 times a week – it is definitely the best amount for me, I get to blog about things I love but I also have time to reflect and enjoy my posts a bit more rather than them being blown away so quickly.

10 km

2014 has been a big year, which is odd as it kind of didn’t feel like it at the time, obviously because I have been enjoying it so much! A lot of this year was dedicated to travel which I went into yesterday. I think one of my first achievements of the year came when I actually completed a 10km run. Now, I was always one of these people who thought they weren’t made for running and so to be able to physically run and not walk once for 10 whole kilometres still completely blows my mind. It was a challenge but a good one and unfortunately my fitness has definitely slipped through the year but at least I know it is possible when I break the running shoes back out! I’ve thought about buying some new Vessi vegan shoes for when I decide to get back into running, but I’m too busy for fitness at the minute.

Second was getting a new job! I was working in admin last year as I took it as a ‘gap year’, then as I decided that London was the place to be, it was time to get a job in a field I am interested in. Although I did science and genetics at uni, I have always been interested in technology. I went through the job hunt, applying to graduate schemes and going through interviews and presentations and assessment centres but I was so happy to get a place on a technology graduate schemes and I have been loving it so far! It is a change from what I have done in the past, but the projects have been great, I have been doing interesting things and I am constantly learning and growing, which is just what I need.


Third, was moving in with my lovely boyfriend Paul! We have had an amazing year. he has really been the one who has made this year so great, supporting me through all of my other endeavors and making me ridiculously happy. And now I get to live with him and see him all the time which is perfect – I can’t imagine it any other way.

And forth, was this blog! I started this in April, mainly because of the support of Paul to push me to actually do it and I love it. I don’t know what I did before I blogged, it is my creative outlet, my way to relax and I have met so many lovely people in the blogging community. I can’t wait to continue Jasmin Charlotte in 2015 and to connect and meet lots of great bloggers!

So have an amazing Christmas tomorrow everyone!

What has made your 2014?

JC xx

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