JC Reflects: 2014 Travel

December 23, 2014


2014 really has been my year of travel and I have loved it! I think after living in New Zealand for so long, travelling anywhere tends to be expensive and very time consuming, whereas now I am in London, I have the whole of Europe on my doorstep. I think I had a good balance of Europe and the UK this year, but next year I am definitely going to focus on the UK even more, I haven’t explored my home country enough over the years so it is time to get it done! Everywhere I go there’s always a great place to stay, it’s so hard to decide! I think the UK’s destinations are very underrated and I’m very excited so start exploring.


January: The beginning of the year started off with a sister trip away. We headed across to the South of France, basing ourselves in Marseilles and exploring through Nice and Monaco. Marseilles isn’t my favourite of cities, it is quite ‘rough’ and the weather was a bit average (it was winter to be fair) so we couldn’t go out to some of the islands which is what we really wanted to do.

Monaco, Nice and Cairns, however, were amazing! I really liked Monaco, looking at all the amazing super yachts and sports cars were crazy, some of them were the sizes of mansions. We wandered through gardens and looked in at the casinos. We weren’t dressed up enough to get into the Monte Cristo casino so we had to play at an online casino instead. Nonetheless, we had a little go in the tourist one next door. Saying this though, even though we didn’t get into the casino we wanted, we knew that we always had the option of playing Casino games online, so it wasn’t too disappointing. I didn’t realise how many games there were to choose from. To say that I was anything less than surprised would’ve been an understatement. And what’s even better is that countries from all over the world have options for you to try as well. We particularly liked the fact that you can keep what you win nz casinos, so something like this was definitely at the top of our list. Maybe not going to a land casino worked in our favour after all, as we definitely wouldn’t have come across some of these games. Plus, as we’d be able to play them within the comfort of our own home, we didn’t need to think about what we were wearing, which was great!

We considered dressing up later and going back to have the experience of a casino, but I wanted to get to grips with the games first through online sites like https://macauindo.com. After all, there’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself through not knowing what you’re doing!

I also got my cookie stolen by the biggest seagull ever which was an experience!


February: Paul and I then popped off for a long weekend in Cambridge and Ely, it was so lovely to see the University and go to Ely cathedral. I love English history so we also visited Oliver Cromwells house which I enjoyed!


March: A couple of months later, I headed off to Lisbon, Portugal with one of my best friends Samantha. Lisbon was amazing, not only was it super cheap but everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We took a jeep tour of the city, drank sangria and ginja (the traditional cherry liqueur), visited the aquarium and generally had a fab time. I really want to explore more of Portugal!


April: April brought a trip home, flying many many hours to see my parents in Canberra, Australia, with an overnight stay at the Bayswater Sydney and a visit to the New South Wales coast. I spend so much time here that I’ve been trying to think of ways to cut down costs. I realised that it would be much better to hire a campervan to save money on accommodation, and it allows me to drive around to all my favourite spots, and see my family and friends. I know one great campervan park, Campstay, but I’ll need to find a few more too to give me a bit more flexibility. After Australia, I popped over to New Zealand to see some more of my friends for a long weekend. It was lovely to spend some time at the beach.


May: Time for another trip in the UK, this time to Anglesey, Wales. I wrote a whole post about my trip here as I think Anglesey and North Wales is stunning. It is probably one of my all time favourite places in the UK and I can’t wait to go back again next year.


June: This was the first trip for Paul and I overseas to Prague, Czech Republic. I LOVED Prague, it was such a gorgeous and under appreciated city (not to mention super affordable). The buildings, architecture and history were all so interesting and I had an amazing time. We went on a food tour, cycled the city and explored the castle. I think this was probably my favourite holiday of the year – see praguehere.com to find out more about Prague.


August: July was a month spent enjoying the sun in London, so for August, Paul and I headed out on another trip in the UK – this time to Canterbury and Dover. I really loved Canterbury, the cathedral was gorgeous and the nearby abbey ruins so interesting with it being the first abbey built in the UK. We went for a wander on the White Cliffs of Dover which were stunning and peered over to France.


November: I had a little break from travel in September and October, but did make it again to both Manchester and Bristol to visit mine and Pauls family. In November, Paul and I went to Paris, France for my birthday, which I have written a whole post about here.

Phew! So overall it has been a very well travelled year now that I type it all out! I have been to some amazing places and I hope to continue this next year.

Where has been the best place you have visited in 2014?

JC xx

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