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December 14, 2014


Its winter guys, the nights are long, the days are short and a lot of animals know it is the time to go into hibernation. I like that concept! I think this time of the year is where I spend the most time either cuddled up on the couch or nice, warm and cozy in bed (is it just me or is it just so difficult to get out of bed in the morning at the moment? With this being said, where some of us may find it easy to get to sleep, there are many people who may find winding down a challenge and this prevents them from having a good night’s sleep. Considering sleep is important for daily function, no wonder why some people may decide to use alternative products like pink kush strain (as this is said to have calming properties) to try and get a better night’s sleep.

For me, getting to sleep has not been too difficult, especially with my new memory foam mattress! Even when my alarm goes off at 7.30 it is pitch black!). Anyway, I thought I would share my ideal cozy night in and what I do to make sure I get all the sleep I need.

First comes the comfy clothes, as soon as you get home, comfort should be the first factor – we are trying to wind down here after all. I suggest a Christmas or winter theme as that always makes things just that bit better. Lately I have been rocking my Winter leggings which I have mentioned previously, some form of Christmas jumper, and of course some slipper socks – these have pom poms on and are awesome.


Next is the warm drinks, I mentioned in my last post about chocolate flake tea. It seemed to intrigue a lot of people but it is an ideal winter drink! The tea is made of tea leaves, chocolate, cocoa and flavouring – I have it with hot water and just a dab of real milk which I very rarely drink now I am on soy milk. I find it gives a much less sickly and heavy hot chocolate fix and really helps me relax in the evenings before bed.

Now the best bit, we need to make sure the bed is ideal. I mean if you are not 1000% comfortable in your bed then you won’t be getting the best sleep you can. I was inspired by Argos range* of luxury duvets and duvet sets to get my bedroom ready for the winter. To me, finding a good duvet is tough, I hate sleeping when it is too warm. I need a duvet which keeps me warm but also circulates the heat and doesn’t make me too hot. I picked the Slumberdown Bouncy duvet which is fab, not only does it keep us warm but it is so springy! I love the feeling of a big thick duvet in the winter.


As for sheets, you need something that feels nice, but you also need it to look good! After moving in with Paul a few months ago, we have been in a bit of duvet set limbo. He had lots of grey and neutral sets, and I had lots of overly girly covered in pink flowers sets, so I decided we needed a combination of the two – a neutral colour but a more interesting pattern. I really love this duvet set and to complete my new cozy bed, I accessorized with a few cushions which you can find here.


Now once in bed, not going to lie, I usually indulge in a bit of youtube watching to really switch my mind off thinking about work. My favourites lately have definitely been Lily Pebbles as I mentioned in my Life Lately post, Miss Budget Beauty as she is actually so relatable and lovely to watch, and Megan Rienks – I love that she just had a nose job and is still doing vlogmas all the way through it. When you are a social media influencer like Megan, they want to show you what’s real. So for her to give her audience advice of using the services that professionals like Dr. Jarrod Little provide (if they are considering getting a nose job) is important, as this will make such a massive difference in terms of results.

Then after I finally switch the youtube off, time to sleep! What are the essentials you need for a good nights sleep? What do you think of the new bed set? Are you looking for furniture delivery companies like the company who delivered my lush bed?

*This post was in collaboration with Argos but of course all opinions are my completely my own.

JC xx

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