JC Writes: Life Lately – 10 Happy Things #2

December 20, 2014

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Woo I actually love sitting down in the evening to reflect on the past couple of weeks and write about some happy things which have happened. I am currently in a hotel room as Paul is at his Christmas do watching Don’t Tell The Bride, eating salsa and Doritos and having a good twitter chat, so I am feeling cozy and ready to write.

1. Serial. Oh serial. It ended on Thursday and I thought the last episode was fabulous. It really summed up the whole series and left a very satisfying ending. If you haven’t listened to serial, then please do, I think it is one of the most creative and well produced radio shows that I have ever listened to.


2. I tweeted on a twitter chat the other day that it is so typical that the posts I looove writing and think are really cool are normally the ones which no one reads (I was thinking of my recent gin post) and I had so many people reply saying the same thing happens to them! Made me laugh that we bloggers have the same problems.

3. I had a vegetarian Christmas dinner party! One of our friends Sam is a vege and as there were only three of us, I thought it was worth it to keep the whole meal vege. For starters I made zucchini and haloumi skewers (which were so good, I need to make again!) along with some squash samosas, then for mains I made a caramelized onion and goats cheese tart, along with roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy and vege. I was really happy with how it all turned out and we had a delicious Christmas Red Velvet cake which Sam made for dessert which is up at the top of the blog.

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4. We made it back to Honest Burger! It really isn’t far from us, it took us 40 minutes to walk back which is a nice way to walk off the burger. The burgers there are some of my absolute faves, the burger is so soft and juicy and I could probably eat about 5.

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5. Anything glazed apple for the body shop, I am obsessed!

6. We watched black mirror during the week and I thought it was fab. I really like how they present issues which are so believable that they may exist in the future. I watched the first season on netflix too which I also really enjoyed so give them a go if you want something different to watch.

7. On the topic of TV, we finished season 2 of Dexter! I really enjoyed it, I find it so nice and easy to watch. I think I need a bit of a Dexter break but I will definitely be watching season 3 in the new year (though some people says season 3 isn’t as good?!).

8. I had a few ‘down days’ this past week. They don’t happen too often but sometimes it hits and I just feel a little blue for no particular reason. I always just focus on the fact that they will soon pass and are most likely hormone and sleep related, so I just try and take a little bit more care of myself (pizza, house and chocolate orange on the couch was just what was needed).

9. I went to a lovely blogger meet up at Winter Wonderland on Thursday and it was so much fun! The girls were all so nice and it was great to go out and have a chat surrounded by all the Christmas lights and having a mulled cider.

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10. I am now on holiday for a whole 17 days and it is only a few days until Christmas! Perfectly ideal.

What has made you happy recently? What are you excited about for Christmas?

JC xx


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