JC Watches: Top 5 Netflix Documentaries

December 11, 2014

Nothing beats an evening snuggled up on the couch, with a big duvet, a hot drink and something good on TV. I did a blog a little while ago about my top Netflix series so I thought I would continue it with my top Netflix documentaries. Did you know Netflix users spent 100 million hours a day watching content? I’m in there somewhere. Saying that though, there are quite a few shows that certain countries cannot access, which can be annoying, which is why checking out the 10 best proxy servers in 2019, for example, could be the answer to being able to watch shows that only Netflix users can watch in America. But there are a lot of shows, films, and documentaries to enjoy wherever you are in the world.

I go through phases of watching huge amounts of docos when I need something a bit different to watch. I find a lot of the documentaries on netflix aren’t of the best quality, but there are so gems on there – and I am pretty sure I have made my through most of them!



By far my favourite doco on Netflix. Not only is it a really interesting subject, but the documentary itself is so well made – I think they could make almost any topic interesting. This one centers around seaworld and its captivity of killer whales – it is a fascinating story. It tells the story of several whales which have all lived in captivity, how smart they are, and how many people have died keeping them in seaworld. It is a really sad tale as these whales are hugely smart and social creatures but they are kept in small pools separated from each other and their young. They live until their 80s in the wild but usually die in their 20s in captivity – they think because of the lack of stimulation. If you watch any documentary this year – make it this one! There has already been a huge revolution against seaworld as a result of the terrible conditions – warning that it may make you shed a tear!

Whore’s Glory

I hope this is still available as I watched it awhile ago. But it essentially follows prostitutes in three different countries – Thailand, India and South America. It is really interesting but also extremely sad to see what they have to go through and how hugely difficult and tough the situations they are in. I didn’t realise how prevalent it is in some societies and that women almost have no choice but to go into prostitution from an early age. This really opens up your eyes to women’s rights across the world – and has spurred me to support them!


Louis Theroux

There are a whole heap of Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix – some from when he was younger and some older. I really enjoy his docos as he approaches some really tough subjects but has such a good way of interviewing people. He almost befriends them but then acts a bit stupid/innocent whilst asking some really tough and probing questions, which does result in many interesting answers! I think his best ones are where he goes into prisons (but I love any good prison doco!) but he honestly makes most topics interesting so I have made my way through quite a few.


Supersize Me

This doco is a few years old now, but it centers around a man who changes his diet and only eats McDonalds for all three meals a day for a month. It is a huge eye opener as not only does he put on weight but even in one month he does some serious damage to his body and his mind. There are quite a few good food docos on Netflix – including Food Inc, I recommend having a browse through if you need a bit of inspiration to think more about what you are eating!

Being in the UK, I had to use a us proxy to watch this. Netflix don’t have it listed on their UK website, so I’d advise buying USA proxies, and connecting to them from your Laptop. That way, Netflix thinks you’re in the USA and will let you watch this.

Life (And anything else by Attenborough!)

David Attenborough will forever be my favourite documentary presenter. As a biologist by study, I love watching any nature documentary and any that are produced, voiced or presented by Attenborough are amazing. I really enjoyed the Life series as they have an episode which focuses on a different animal (mammals, birds, reptiles etc) and it just has some fascinating things which I haven’t seen on other documentaries – I think the birds one was my favourite so definitely check that one out. If you can’t watch this because you are in the wrong region, I would definitely recommend using a VPN for Netflix so you can watch it; it is 100% one of my favourite series of all time!

What are your favourite Netflix documentaries? I always like recommendations!

JC xx

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