JC Cooks: Mint, Courgette and Halloumi Salad

January 14, 2015

halloumi 2

A lot of us are on the healthy eating buzz at the moment, including me! I’m not doing a huge overhaul, I just want to start making a few better choices – maybe a couple more salads instead of burgers. However much I would like to just rotate between Honest Burger, Byron and GBK, I don’t think it will be that kind to my waistline.

You might remember from my 2015 goals, I want to complete the reddit 52 week cooking challenge, and this week the theme was dairy. Now I don’t have a fantastic relationship with dairy, I didn’t eat it for many years as it didn’t agree with me. I do eat a bit of cheese every now and again now, mainly as I can’t resist – but my new love has been halloumi. I made some halloumi skewers a few weeks ago and they were delicious, so I wanted to transform that recipe into a halloumi salad. This kind of just turned into a giant plate of vegetables, but they were all delicious and not only did I feel very healthy when it was completed, but I was actually really full.

This recipe is super simple, but if you leave it to marinate for the afternoon or a couple of hours then the flavours are really lovely. And you can’t go past the crispy, salty and chewy halloumi piled up all on top of it all as well. I’m not going to lie, I struggled in taking the photos for this post – I am fulfilling my goal of using my lovely DSLR, but dinner is usually made at about 7-8pm when the sun has completely disappeared from this side of the Earth and the light is not great. I swear every second photo had a shadow on it, but hopefully we got there in the end and you can see how good this is!


Mint, Courgette and Halloumi Salad

Ingredients: (for 2-3 servings depending on the amount of salad you serve it with!)

100g halloumi, chopped into chunks
1 courgette – slice thinly
1 lemon – zest and juice
2Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp mild chilli powder
Big handful of mint leaves, chopped

This is pretty simple, in that you just mix all of the above in a bowl – toss and make sure the halloumi and courgette has a good covering. Cover and pop in the fridge for as long as you can – a couple hours is ideal.

halloumi marinationOnce it all looks covered and delicious, throw it in the frying pan. It will take about 10 minutes on a high heat. Let them sit on one side for a few minutes so the halloumi has the change to really crisp up and cook, and the courgette gets soft and delicious. Once it looks brown, crispy and delicious like the above then pull it off the heat.



I served this with a whole heap of salad, I roasted a big plate of veges, had some lettuce and had some sweet potato mash to fill us up too. Overall, it was so good, and that is a healthy plate right there!

halloumi salad


Now really, can someone tell me if it is haloumi or halloumi?! Maybe I will just constantly vary between the two to hedge my spelling bets. Next weeks challenge is alcohol, not sure what I will make yet – maybe my Guinness Stew, but if you have any good suggestions then definitely let me know.

What yummy healthy things have you been cooking this week?

JC xx

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