JC Ponders: 5 Simple Weight Loss Tips

January 10, 2015


I have thought a long time about writing about weight loss here on the blog but for some reason I always feel like I’m not qualified to talk about it. But you know, it is 2015 now and I think that if these little tips can help you like they assisted me then they are worth writing about!

I haven’t had a huge weight loss journey but my weight has definitely fluctuated throughout the years. I piled on the weight at the end of high school where I was my heaviest. Not only was the weight making me feel down about myself, but I also developed a horrific bout of irritable bowel syndrome in my first year of uni. I knew the only way to sort out both of these things was to start thinking more about what I was eating and my exercise. I started doing more things like going to the gym and Tennis Lessons San Diego and just doing things I enjoy. Over the next year or so, I lost 2 and half stone (about 16kg) and have kept pretty much all of it off over the past 3 years. There are so many ways that this weight loss journey can be easier for everyone. Whether it is going to the gym everyday or even doing quick search into something like Cardarine uk to see whether using supplements could be the answer, no matter what you decide to do, be sure to commit to it, but just know what you are getting yourself in for, as this can be a big change in anyone’s life. Supplements may really help you on your weight loss journey and if you think they’d help you, you can read more ultra omega burn reviews here. Find something that works for you and stick with it!


These weight loss tips are just small things which really helped me in thinking about how I was eating and assisted with me feeling better about my body.

1. Snack sized chocolates and treats are the best thing EVER
I will never be able to cut out all the yummy things in life – chocolate, sweets and cheese are all things I need. But it was a great day when I realised that actually I felt quite satisfied after only have a small amount of them. I would usually finish the bar/packet/block without thinking about it as it was there in front of me rather than just having the control to have a bit and then stop. This is where those fun sized packets come in – the chocolate needs to be individually wrapped. A wrapped mini chocolate, I can eat, be satisfied then move on because, really, I don’t want to unwrap another. These are also great to put in your handbag as a small snack instead of buying something large at the shop which I did a lot. My favourites are mini kitkats, babybels, haribo star mix minis and those yummy graze boxes and I really think this helped with my weight loss!

2. Eat breakfast even if it makes you feel sick
This was a huge change for me, as I would never ever eat breakfast, I just wouldn’t feel hungry in the mornings. This then always led to me eating some large toastie at about 10:30 and then still have a normal sized lunch at 12. By eating something in the morning, even if it is something really small it will hopefully stop you having a binge by mid day. I have soy porridge pretty much everyday as it is delicious and also fills me up enough to keep going! This was one of the biggest changes which makes me feel so much healthier in the mornings.

3. Sometimes you need to snack on something large and you need to recognise this
This ties in a little to the top one, but the biggest thing I learnt was trying to recognise the type of hunger I get at different times of the day. Sometimes, I just want to eat something sweet to feed a craving but usually when I am really hungry and I know my meal is going to be awhile away, it is actually much better to have something a bit more substantial like a piece of toast. Otherwise, I always found myself just having a bite of chocolate, oh but then I am still hungry so I will have some of this as well, and before you know it I’ve eaten half the kitchen. It is much better to have a bit of toast which actually will fill the hole than continually snacking.


4. That coke is as many calories as a cheeseburger
I used to guzzle so much juice throughout my day, along with fizzy drinks and other sugary drinks. I found it really helpful to relate the number of calories in my drink with a food item I love as it really helps me make the right decisions! When I am faced with having a sugary drink, I always think, would I rather have a cheeseburger? And the answer is pretty much always yes.

5. Weight training is just as good as cardio
Especially when I was younger, I always thought the only way to do exercise was cardio – I needed to be running or cross training and only by doing that would I loose weight. But in reality, doing some weight based training whilst it doesn’t always puff you out as much has been the only form of exercise where I have experienced noticeable change in my body. When I first lost the weight, I started doing work out DVDs each day – they were great as they were mainly squats, lunges and other similar exercises. As you develop and strengthen your muscles, you actually burn more calories throughout your day and after your workouts. This was the biggest tip I was given which actually got me into starting exercise!

I hope some of you found those tips useful, I might blog a bit more about healthy lifestyle this year, mainly as a way to keep myself on track throughout 2015!

JC xx

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