JC Reflects: 2015 Goals

January 1, 2015

We have made it to 2015! I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve, mine was pretty relaxed – Paul and I headed to our local pub for a couple of drinks, then sat on the roof and watched the fireworks over London which were pretty spectacular.

Before Christmas, during blogmas I wrote a couple of posts reflecting on 2014 and the fact it has been a positive year for me. I thought it was only best for my first post of 2015 to chat about a few goals I have for the year. I don’t like to really call them resolutions, as they aren’t huge life changes, just a few measurable things that I am aiming to do this year both in life and for the blog.


1. Actually do exercise consistently – this is the first one and will probably be the most difficult. I seem to have good and bad patches with fitness, but I really want to establish a consistent work out routine – even if it is only a couple of times a week.
2. Try out some other forms of exercise – linking in with the above, I want to explore some other forms of exercise to see if I enjoy them which will hopefully keep my workouts consistent! I really want to give rock climbing a go, and I used to do fencing when I was younger so I would like to look into that, as well as finally finding a good pool to go swimming in London.

Photo 17-11-2014 6 48 54 pm

1. Mix it up in the cooking stakes – I have finally returned to cooking this year and I am loving it! I want to keep cooking but also mix some different recipes in there. I want to complete the reddit 52 week cooking challenge where you are given a theme each week and must cook to that theme. I hope this will give me some inspiration and find some new dishes! It also hopefully means there will be more food on the blog in 2015 as well.
2. Read 40 books – I managed about 30 this year and have really enjoyed getting back into reading, so I am aiming for 40 next year!


1. Keep up what I’m doing! I think this is a main one as I want to keep blogging and posting consistently – I want to keep loving blogging as much as I have this year and continue with a diverse mix of posts, including posts about food, my life, travel, products and general happiness!
2. Redesign and sort out my blog visually – I now have a whole lot of content on my blog and I need a better way of organising it and displaying it. It may not be huge changes but I want it to be more accessible. Along with this goes all the technical stuff which I am already working on and starting to do some sponsoring and advertising on other blogs which I love.

So there are a few little goals which I will revisit on my blog through the year, there are a couple of other personal things I have in mind as well so we will see how they go and update you through the year!

Now also in terms of my blog redesign, I have finally gone self hosted this week! Woo! But I am still having a few problems, especially in terms of moving my wordpress subscribers over so if you currently follow me on wordpress then that will hopefully be back soon, or you can follow me on bloglovin to keep up with my posts in the mean time. I also want to redo my comments and a few other bits and pieces which will take place over the next few weeks so there will be a few changes and hopefully not much down time for the blog coming soon.

I hope you are excited for 2015, I think it’s going to be a pretty awesome year! What are you looking forward to in 2015?

JC xx

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