JC Updates: Life Lately – 10 Happy Things #4

January 8, 2015

richmond 1

Guys, I can’t remember what number happy things we are up to – I’m going with 4. It has been ages since I last did a little life update, 3 weeks to be precise. It has been an interesting few weeks. Over Christmas, we spent half of it up in Manchester with my grandparents where I went in the loft to find a jigsaw, which for some odd reason made half my face puff up – maybe I’m allergic to jigsaws, I will never know. I then wore sunglasses for about three days which was great seeing as the sun came out for about 3 hours in the whole time I was in Manchester. On Christmas eve, both Paul and I started sneezing and we both came down with a horrid cold. I got the bus to Pauls parents on Boxing Day and then spent the next two days mainly in bed. I have asthma so chesty colds definitely throw me and with the cold air it was especially hard, regarding my asthma, seniors in need for a long-term oxygen therapy most commonly suffer from one or more of the following conditions: asthma, chronic bronchitis, and heart failure. If their breathing ends up considerably laboured they often need a continuous flow oxygen machine, or at least an intermittent device. These devices can help with maintaining a relatively active lifestyle which can greatly improve the quality of life for seniors, so I don’t think I have too much to worry about in the future. But I did get a good whole week off in London where I slept, baked, shopped and generally had a lovely, relaxing time before I started back at work this week.

In general, I have had a good time over the past few weeks, but I am feeling a little blue, January is never my favourite month when I am in the UK. Suddenly the cold isn’t Christmasy, it’s just cold. I miss the sunshine, I want to avoid all mirrors and have no holidays booked yet, everything just feels a little stagnant. Like I should be hibernating in a little pod somewhere. I know it will sort itself out soon when I am used to being back to work but I thought I should sit down and think about some happy things. I think it is always important to focus on these things when in these somber moods.

1. We had a day out to Richmond last week which was lovely. It is so nice to have a wander in the park and look at all the deer. I do get nature withdrawals living in London and I definitely want to make it out into the green world more this year.

richmond 2

2. Diet coke with ice. What is it about a glass of ice which makes a diet coke just so much better? I am trying to cut down my diet coke addiction, but gosh, sometimes you just gotta revel in it.

3. I got to drive over Christmas! I know that sounds odd but I miss driving so much, I had my own car and tootled around Wellington for years before I moved to the UK (the driving age there is 15). There is something immense about driving, singing along to the radio and going wherever you want to go and where my grans little nissan micra will take me!

4. My Australian living cat got a scarf. Remember my cute kitty which lives with my parents in Aussie? She spends most of her time splayed in the sunshine by the pool (she has the life!) but she got a cute scarf over Christmas and the pictures made me very happy.


5. I played some boardgames and did a jigsaw. It was so refreshing to do something which wasn’t in front of a screen! Pauls parents got me the epic London Tube Game which I really enjoy playing and we had a good few rounds at Articulate. We are even going to a board game evening this weekend.

tube game

6. Twitter. I have really been enjoying twitter later, it’s so nice to get to properly chat to you guys – if you don’t follow me already, you can find me here. Come say hello!

7. I finally went self hosted! I am going to do a blog post next week about my self hosted journey but I am loving it already. Look down there, I have already added related posts and share buttons and I will be sorting my comments out soon (big shout out to Paul for helping me when I started freaking out my blog would never appear again!).

8. I bought a dress! I know that sounds odd but I don’t go clothes shopping often, I think I bought 2 dresses last year. I find it hard to buy clothes I like or that suit my body shape other than the staples I have. I recently was awarded some vouchers from my work, so I decided to get them to spend at some clothes shops, so hopefully I will get some more things to add to my wardrobe.


9. Paul. He really is awesome and makes me happy every day – I couldn’t ask for more.

10. I had some mini eggs today, I don’t understand how it is Easter in January and I will now have to resist buying them at work everyday, but I definitely enjoyed them today.

What made you happy this week?

JC xx

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