JC Writes: Four Reasons Blogging Makes You Happy

January 24, 2015

four reasons blogging makes you happy

So I was on the train.

Which isn’t a surprise, I sometimes feel I spend half my life on public transport. BUT! although this is slightly depressing, I feel like trains get you in the thinking zone. You know, where you get a wee bit glassy eyed and before you know it you are in zone 6? Much better than the sleeping zone, which also happens far too frequently in my opinion.

So I was on this train, and I was reading my book.

And this book which I am still making my way through. It got my brain moving. It’s called 59 seconds, and the whole point of the book is looking at scientific backed research to find things which can improve your life in 59 seconds.

Which is a very interesting concept and one which is right up my street. As mentioned, half the life of the train means time is precious. I was reading the sections on happiness, motivation and persuasion and a lot of the things rang true AND related to blogging.

So I was on this train, reading my book, and I thought I would run through four reasons blogging makes you happy.


Real life of picture of me on a train, not reading my book.

1. It lets you reflect on parts of your life which you are happy with, thankful for or really truly enjoy.

Being grateful is one of the most powerful things you can really CHOOSE to do these days. We are constantly bombarded by perfectly curated lives on social media and I know I have been guilty of feeling down on myself because of it. Whether you are a beauty blogger, writing about your favourite looks, a lifestyle blogger writing about happy experiences or any other kind of blogger reflecting on happy, thankful or enjoyable things, you are imprinting those feelings into your life and making yourself happier. 10 happy things are by far my favourite posts to write and to read.

2. It’s a hobby which causes intentional change and is constantly developing

One of the studies in the book looks at circumstantial change, so the happiness you get when you buy something, a house etc – you get a peak of happiness but it is not prolonged. Compare this to intentional change – as in choosing to do something new and different such a blogging. Blogging gives you the happiness of doing something new, but because it is constantly changing it creates peaks and troughs which eventually lead to prolonged happiness. This is much more powerful than just hitting the shops. In the initial stages of blogging, where I looked into something similar to this review from ubc blog and was struggling with post ideas, who would have thought we’d have made it this far? Because blogging makes me happy, I continue to do this.

3. It encourages experiences and social interaction

One of the big things which I have discovered in the past few years is the power of experience. I no longer really enjoy buying ‘things’ (and will post about this soon), but having new experiences. Blogging encourages you to do and try new things, whether they be blogging meet ups or just something new so you can write about it on the blog. Social interaction even about what is seen as ‘trivial’ things is also beneficial for your overall levels of joy, and I do love having a good twitter chat with some lovely bloggers. It also helps you to develop skills that you never thought you would, for example, I have a friend who had never blogged before and didn’t really know about using things like Photoshop, when she started her blog, she was completely clueless where to start. I suggested looking a different web hosting review sites, like hostupon review, so she could pick a hosting site that she thought would fit her. She found one, was able to develop her skills and is now blogging more than ever, and she loves it! That’s what blogging does for you, it gives you new experiences and a chance to develop in ways you never thought you could.

4. It gives you an outlet for ideas and issues

Not only does creativity and a place to express your opinion benefit your happiness levels. But writing about a problem or an issue has been shown to be much more beneficial for your mental health than talking about it. By writing, you can create a structure and work through a problem in a logical order. I know a lot of bloggers who write a lot of personal posts and I think these can be a good option to bring more happiness to your life. A blog is also a great feature to have on your website. No matter what line of profession you are in, a slick online presence is important. A friend of mine from Texas has recently set up her own company and relies on her blogs and website for sales. She found a company online who were able to design her site and the end result is just what she always wanted. If you’re looking to hire a web designer contact Big Gorilla Design in Austin. That’s the power of the Internet I guess!

Seriously though, all this blogging stuff it makes you happy as my kitty in this picture. And who doesn’t want to be as happy as a cat which lounges by a pool all day in the sun?

Photo 12-04-2014 10 57 42 am

So, what makes you happy about blogging?

As an aside, I am thinking for February and March I am going to blog just that tiny bit less. I want to spend a bit more time on my writing to really try and inject some more personality and thought into my posts. I have been blogging for a fair few months and had been quite happy with 3-4 posts a week, but I am going to try 2-3 and see whether I am happier with what content I am producing! I mean I actually made a graphic image for this post which was a first. I promise they will get better…

JC xx

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