JC Makes: DIY Lavender Bath Bombs!

February 17, 2015

DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

I don’t know about you guys, but I always see DIY projects on Pinterest, twitter or other blogs like thehowtocrew.com, and I get so jealous! I want to have the time to make things by hand rather than just buying them, but I find it hard to find the time in balancing everything else going on! So when Hobbycraft got in touch asking if I want to try one of the fabulous DIY kits, of course I was keen! All the materials I need for a Pinterest worthy DIY, all in one easy place. After a tough choice (pyrography… needle felting… candle making… all things I want to try!), I decided on the Kirstie Allsopp Lavender Bath Bombs Kit* – as I had been meaning to buy bath bombs for Christmas presents from https://www.amorbathbombs.com but hadn’t got around to it yet! So I thought I would run you through the process of how to make your own DIY Lavender Bath Bombs (and trust me it is easy!).

I love bath bombs. They are such a fabulous gift. Especially after we just repaired our hot water system by a company like Hot Water Brisbane, which provides hot water systems Brisbane south. Since I can now take a really hot bath it seems right to start using more bath bombs! Plus, one of my best friends has recently had her bathroom remodeled so I will definitely be purchasing a few bath time goodies to give to my friend this Christmas. Honestly, her new bathroom looks so impressive, I was absolutely speechless the first time I saw it! She has had a gorgeous new bathtub installed, and has even purchased a stunning double sink vanity unit. Although my friend took care of a lot of the remodeling work herself, she did have to reach out to a plumber to work on the plumbing side of things. Apparently, she found an amazing plumbing company similar to Sarkinen Plumbing online and they were able to take care of everything from installing her bathtub to repairing her old water heater! I would love to remodel my bathroom next year, so I will definitely be asking my friend for the contact details for her plumber as they did such a brilliant job.

Anyway, bathroom remodeling anecdotes to one side, let me tell you how I got on with my bath bomb kit.


DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

The kit came with all the ingredients you need (of course there is nothing stopping you from buying the bits separately if you have the time!):

  • 450 gram bicarbonate of soda
  • 300 gram citric acid granules
  • 150 gram cornflour
  • 5 ml pure lavender essential oil
  • 5 gram lavender flowers
  • 4 large sphere bombe moulds
  • 1 spray Bottle

Now, this kit said it made 8 bombs in total, so you make 4 at a time, but honestly you will see the amount of mixture I had I reckon it will easily make 16 small bath bombs so keep that in mind in terms of all the measurements and split all the ingredients in half before you get going.

1. All you need in terms of equipment is a big bowl – first pour your bicarb, citric acid and cornflour in the bowl and lightly combine. Now you need to wet the mixture enough so that it combines, but not so much that the citric acid starts fizzing and reacting as it will grow.

2. Pop the lavender oil in the spray bottle and start spritzing a thin layer over the mixture, now I found I needed more than the oil (I may have spilt some.. but now my rug smells goooood) so I just used water and sprinkled it over the mixture.


3. Key spraying and mixing until the mixture resembles wet sand and just starts to stick together when you clump it with your hands. It shouldn’t be fizzing, so just do this slow and steady – rather than just throwing the whole water in there at once! It is a hard balance to get so keep these things in mind:

  • If it is too dry, then it won’t be sticking together – add more water
  • It is too wet, then it will keep expanding and won’t fit in the molds – simply wait for it to dry out a bit (give it ten minutes or so) then check it has stopped expanding.

4. Once we have a good consistency – grab the molds and a little bit of oil – rub the oil over the plastic so they won’t stick.

5. Grab your lavender flowers and sprinkle these in the cases, varying the amounts to get individual bath bombs!


6. Press the mixture into the cases, you want enough so that when the two sides are sandwiched together, they stick, so you will end up with a ball at the end.

7. Seal the two case sides together and leave for 24 hours to set. My mixture was a little too wet and after about 10 minutes, a couple of the cases popped open – I just scooped out the extra mixture and put the cases back together.

8. In 24 hours, peel your cases open and the bombs pop out really easily if you oiled them!

I had a whole heap of mixture left over, which I just smashed up and used a bath salts as I only have the 4 cases. I think when I use the rest of the mixture I will split it in two, and possibly try a different essential oil to make them a different ‘flavour’.


And there you have it – Pinterest worthy bath bombs, quick and easy and all home made! I really enjoyed using this kit and I think it would make a fab gift for someone – I think I will be picking up the needle felting one next!

How do you get along with DIY projects?

JC xx

* This product was sent to me, but I only feature products which I would purchase myself – all opinions my own, as always!

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