JC Updates: 10 Happy Things #5

February 15, 2015

Already half way through February! It has been a little while since I reflected on what I have been up to and what has made me happy lately. February so far has been SO BUSY. I literally feel like I haven’t stopped, in between being crazy busy at work, shipping up and down between Manchester and London, organising blogging meet ups, blogging itself and then trying to have some kind of social life, there isn’t much time for sleep (Oh how I miss 9 hours a night…). But although it has been manic, it all going pretty smoothly and will likely be a lot calmer come March – so sleep is in sight! Here are 10 things which have made me happy over the past couple of weeks.

10 Happy Things

Photo 08-02-2015 2 12 44 pm

1. I’ve been so obsessed with tea recently! I never used to a fan of hot drinks but now I seem to be gulping down mugs. I don’t like black tea but herbal, especially minty green or the Twinings sweet cranberry which is also so good! As I have been drinking more, I have been trying to acquire a few more mugs – I bought this super cute bunny one from Sainsburys (who can’t smile with those cute bunny faces…).

2. I have done a wee bit of shopping, which doesn’t happen too often! I bought 2 green dresses. Green isn’t usually my colour but it reminds me of spring so can’t go wrong.

Photo 06-02-2015 10 07 14 am

3. I went on an epic tour of Aldwych – one of the closed tube stations! Paul got me tickets for Christmas and I have been so excited to visit (I am a London Transport nerd really). They even had an old school tube there and it is the location where a whole lot of films and TV film their tube scenes. Let me know if you’re interested and I will do a whole post on it!

Photo 03-02-2015 10 50 41 pm

4. I got my cross stitch finished and framed and up on the wall! (It didn’t take me a year or anything….).

5. I have discovered the shapers bars from Boots – they are sooo good and only like 85 calories?! I would honestly eat them over chocolate bars, and as I am trying to watch my weight at the moment, it is ideal.

6. I have started re-reading Harry Potter from the beginning! It has been years and years since I read the whole series from start to finish and I am very excited by it.

eggplant 6

7.  I have been succeeding with cooking lately! I made some yummy pikelets the other day, and some amazing eggplant cannelloni which will be on the blog next week. Then I am cooking a big Valentines Day meal tonight as well (though not sure what just yet). It is nice to get back in the kitchen and stay up to date with my 52 weeks of cooking!

8. We finished season 1 and 2 of suits which was really good! The third series isn’t on Netflix which is a shame as we now have a Suits shaped hole in our lives (though House of Cards season 3 soon and I am SO excited!).

9. When I have been up in Manchester, I have been borrowing my grandmas car and driving to work. Which doesn’t sound like much, but I honestly miss driving soo much when I am in London! It’s so nice to get behind the wheel and listen to the radio (and maybe do some terrible singing..).

Photo 27-01-2015 3 32 07 pm

10. So I got a Fitbit a little while ago, but sadly it stopped syncing after a day of use! But the Fitbit support team were fabulous and sent out a brand new one which I have just received! Going to use it for a few more days and then give you my first impressions!

What made you happy this week?

JC xx

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