JC Bakes: Gooey + Chewy ANZAC Biscuits!

March 19, 2015

Chewy ANZAC Biscuits!

I have serious opinions on biscuits. I will always prefer a chewy, soft and gooey biscuit over the crispy, crunchy kind. Don’t get me wrong, the outside should still have a satisfying crunch, but then you should bite into soft deliciousness. I feel as though this sentiment especially applies to ANZAC biscuits.

Now, if you are not of the antipodean persuasion, ANZAC biscuits were the traditional biscuits made and sent to soldiers during WW1. The traditional ingredients don’t spoil easily. Anzacs have since made themselves a firm biscuit favourite in New Zealand. I have strong memories of handing the giant biscuit bag around when I was at school and getting the gorgeous smell of golden syrup.

But, an Anzac needs to be chewy – the main ingredients are oats and dessicated coconut. They need to keep a little bit of moisture. Best bits about chewy Anzacs are that they keep really well, they have a whole lot of good energy and are great for taking on walks – they are also so easy to make!

I know what you may be thinking, I am not eating sugar. And that is correct! But I am allowed a cheat snack once a week, and as we were off for a hike to South Coast, I thought these would be the ideal to bring along as our snacks. I based it off a BBC Good Food recipe.

Chewy Anzac Biscuits 4

Chewy ANZAC Biscuits (Makes 12)

90g Dessicated coconut

85g Porrige Oats

100g Flour

80g Caster Sugar

2 TBSP Golden Syrup

100g Butter

1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

2TBSP boiling water

1. Heat oven to 160c. Mix your oats, coconut, flour and caster sugar in a big bowl until combined.

2. Melt your butter either on the stove or in the microwave, add the golden syrup and combine.

3. Dissolve your bicarb in the boiling water and add to the butter mixture.

Chewy Anzac Biscuits 3

4. Make a well in your dry ingredients and add the wet. Mix to combine. Your ingredients will be pretty dry, but that’s okay – just use your hands to pat them into balls. Spread them evenly on some baking trays (they will spread), the mixture should make 12 small balls. (Yes the raw mixture tastes delicious, just try not to eat all of it!).

5. Bake for 10 minutes until just golden.

Chewy Anzac Biscuits 5

These biscuits were so good, that I served them up when some friends came over as a little afternoon snack. I received these adorable kitchenware plates
from Joules*, and I am obsessed. I mean how much cuter can you get on a plate? Ideal for serving biccies on. I may need to buy several more of the chicken ones, they make my morning just that bit better (I may have put in a sneaky order for the matching mug too…)

Chewy Anzac Biscuits 1

Have you tried ANZAC biscuits before? What is your opinion on chewy vs crunchy? Are you also obsessed with chicken plates?

JC xx

¬†*I received the Joules plates for review, but of course, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t blog it!


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