JC Cooks: Italian Chilli Baked Eggs

March 26, 2015

Italian Chill Baked Eggs - Jasmin Charlotte

I’ve had an odd relationship with eggs in the past. I used to be OBSESSED with egg mayo sandwiches as a kid. Like honestly, I would eat them every single day. I think maybe I got a bit egg-d out and seemed to not eat them as often when I hit London. However, now I am trying to cook more healthy (and affordable!) meals, I have found myself going back to the good old egg. Not only are they really affordable, but they offer a whole lot of protein and nutrients. I know there was a big cholesterol debate around eggs, but although they do have cholesterol, it is the good kind! Eating saturated fats affects your cholesterol cholesterol-lowering-info a lot more than anything from an egg.

When British Lion Eggs got in touch to ask if I could create an egg recipe, I decided that it was time to branch out from the scrambled eggs and try something a bit different (plus they have some awesome boiled egg recipes suggestions!) – resulting in Italian Chilli Baked Eggs. I’ve never really tried baked eggs. But I decided if I made a delicious Italian tomato and veggie┬ámix, I could easily just crack a couple of eggs in and pop it in the oven! And let me tell you, it turned out awesome. The creamy egg goes so well with the herby tomatoes and a kick from the additional chilli. This is a fab option for #meatfreeweek but you can also add a bit of chorizo if you want that extra meaty hit. This may now be my favourite way to eat eggs (egg mayo coming in a close second). Plus this is an awesome way of having some eggs for Easter but without breaking my sugar ban!

Italian Chilli Baked Eggs | Jasmin Charlotte

Ingredients (serves 2)

2 eggs (though you could add more!)

400g canned tomatoes (I used the one with the additional garlic and herbs!)

1 green chilli

100g roast peppers from a jar (or roast your own if you have the time!)

1 red onion

1 onion

Handful of chorizo (optional)

1 tsp Italian seasoning, chilli flakes, black pepper, garlic

1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and get chopping! Chop your onions, peppers and chilli into reasonable size chunks.

Italian Chilli Baked Eggs | Jasmin Charlotte

2. Heat a frying pan, add a little bit of oil and get the onions cooking down. These need about 10 minutes until they start getting soft.

3. Add the chilli and seasonings and cook for a further 5 minutes.

4. Add the tomatoes and cook everything through for another 5 minutes.

Italian Chilli Baked Eggs | Jasmin Charlotte

5. If you have a oven proof fry pan, then keep going, otherwise transfer your mixture to an oven dish. Make two wells in the mixture, and crack the eggs into the wells.

6. Bake for 15 minutes until the whites are set. Serve with some crusty bread, and maybe a little feta crumbled on top!

Italian Chilli Baked Eggs | Jasmin Charlotte

This definitely got the boyfriend tick and I’m excited to try it again soon. It is an easy base to mix up, plus you pretty much get at least 3 servings of veggies just from the one meal!

What is your favourite egg recipe?

JC xx

*This post was written in collaboration with British Lion Eggs, but of course, all opinions are my own!

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