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March 8, 2015

5 Free Tools You Need to Use For Blog Images!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about 5 tools to improve your writing. Now along with trying to improve my writing, I feel as though the photos on my blog have improved 100%! This is something which I have been very self-conscious about for awhile as I have always been more of a ‘writer’ than a ‘photographer’. I have a whole lot of blog posts sitting in my drafts just waiting for me to get around to doing the pictures!

But I have managed to make the journey from tiny little pictures on my iphone to hopefully much more appealing pictures which are able to be shared and bring in traffic from social media. Along with getting a new ‘proper’ camera, I have been using some free online tools to edit and improve my blog photos. I’m pretty sure we all know about things like reverse image searching (but you can visit https://techwagyu.com/best-reverse-image-search-tools/ if you’ve not heard of this before!) so I have included some lesser-known tools and hopefully, you will find a tool here which you can use, as I highly recommend them all!

5 Free Tools You Need for Blog Images

1. Canva


Oh, how I love Canva, why did I not know about it earlier?! Canva is an image editor and graphics creator. It makes it super easy to make graphics like the one at the beginning of this post. I have been using this regularly for all of my blog intro pictures. It has several preset text features which all look quite engaging. These preset text formats are really easy to just drag onto your own picture and customise for the blog post you are writing.

Along with that, it has a whole heap of templates to get the correct and optimum sized graphic for all types of social media. From twitter headers to optimum Pinterest sizes, it makes it easy to make graphics which are ‘share-able’. It also saves all of your images you create to make it easy to go back and edit them.

Honestly, try it! It has revolutionised my blogging graphics!

2. Picmonkey


This is an old one but a good one! Picmonkey is a free and simple to use image editor. I don’t find picmonkey as good as canva for graphics – but I do still use it for editing my photos if needed. It is a simple tool where you can improve the brightness or saturation. It also has a great feature where you can put an overlay on the picture to slightly edit the colour and background.

3. Easel.ly


You know those awesome infographics that you see all over the place at the moment? I always figured that they were done in some super fancy software and I could never make one myself. And although I haven’t used an infographic in a post yet, I have been playing around with easel.ly and it is amazing! It has so many infographic templates that you can customise with your information. All you do is pick the template which matches the information you want to present and get customising.

All you do is pick the template which matches the information you want to present and get customising. The one below I made in about 2 minutes, and it looks like it took a lot longer than that.


4. Recite this

recite this

This is a quick and easy tool to make quotes. Simply type your quote in and it gives you heaps of different ready-made templates. They all look really good and are useful for creating quote images from your blog post for twitter and Instagram.

5. Fotor


Fotor has a lot of features as a picture editor, but I find the best feature is the collage and magazine fronts. It has several different frames, and not the normal squares in various number, but hearts and diamonds and even one which is a whale?! Definitely an app that would come in handy if you do wishlist style posts.

If you do find this kind of post useful let me know! I do work in tech so enjoy spending my time searching out awesome and new software. I have a blogging tips Pinterest board where I pin any tools like this which I find and use. I also pin a whole heap of useful posts for improving your blog so do follow along there for more!

What do you use for your blog images?

JC xx

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