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March 24, 2015

10 Happy Things

We have made it to Spring! Daylight savings is this weekend and the sun has peeped its head through the clouds a couple of times recently. I can’t wait, I definitely have a little bit of SAD so with the lighter days I can feel my energy returning – the hibernation is ending. This means there are lots of things which had to be narrowed down to my 10 happy things for this week:

Photo 11-03-2015 4 29 21 pm

1. I got some glasses! So ever since I was young, whenever I try on someone’s glasses, everyone always remarks that ‘I have a face for glasses’. So I decided it was time I picked some up, even though I don’t actually need them, I do quite like how they look.


2. We got a car! Second exciting purchase of the month (albeit much larger..). Paul and I have been looking to get a car together to make it easier for road trips and work, so when Pauls friend was selling his – we jumped in! Aaand I love it, I love having a car again. The freedom to just get out and about is awesome, and I can envisage ten thousand road trips this summer already.

3. You might remember that I held a couple of charity blogging meet ups last month. I was raising money for Wild Hearts to help fund micro loans to help women start their own businesses in developing countries. I also did another couple initiatives with my work and ended up raising over £1200 – I was pretty chuffed and glad to help such a fabulous cause.


4. Paul, though he makes me more than happy every week!

5. I’ve been doing some pretty awesome things with work recently. Including visiting some schools to talk to girls about how awesome it is to work in tech. They are always looking for women to come in and inspire the next generation and it only takes a couple of hours – you can find out more at Inspiring Women. I also wrote a guest post all about my career over on my friend Laurens blog, Blonde Vision, which you can read here!

6. I’ve put myself in a much better financial situation this year! I’ve spent less, invested more, and looked into mtn shares and other stocks. Plus, I’ve been focusing on this blog a lot so it’s brought me a nice bit of income too.


7. We had a weekend away and it was awesome. I love London, but I do need to get out of the hustle and bustle occasionally. So we booked a place in the South Downs, drove down to the coast, walked along the beach and slept under the canopy. It was awesome. Oh I also turned off all tech, which was a nice break to be cut off for awhile.

Photo 21-03-2015 11 25 00 am

8. I’ve had some delish meals recently. We finally went to Ping Pong which was great – dim sum, prawns and dumplings are my favourite things. I also went to Ottolenghis Nopi, and had probably the best sausage sandwich ever.

9. Bright blue nails. Enough said.

10. I’ve been watching some awesome TV. I’ve been steadily making my way through every episode of House ever. Paul and I have also been watching season 4 of Suits and season 3 of House of Cards. I am pretty much obsessed with all of them.

Also, I thought I would do a few little blog updates at the end of this. After not being on a schedule for months, I’ve finally settled into a routine which works for me. So I will be posting 3 times a week on Tues, Thurs, and Sunday. And maybe an extra one in there on some weeks when I have a lot to chat about. These 10 happy things and my health diary will be making regular alternating appearances. My blogging tips and tech posts will also continue every Sunday! Also, keep an eye out for sponsorship which will be arriving soon!

Additionally, I got nominated for the travel newcomer category on DFDS. Although I haven’t been doing too much travel recently, I have a lot planned this year and have a lot planned for the blog. If you want to vote for me or see the other nominations, you can here.

What made you happy this week?

JC xx

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