JC Wears: The Jeans That Changed Everything

April 10, 2015

JC Wears - George at Asda, Three ways with grey jeans

The title is a bold statement. I know. But let me tell you a little story, a few years ago when I was in high school I used to live in jeans. I had to wear a uniform all day, so it would be fab to jump into some comfy jeans for the weekend. Then somehow throughout uni, it just stopped. Maybe it was because the trend for super skinny jeans, combined with never really enjoying the dreaded jeans shop, I literally did not wear a pair of trousers for over two years. I was addicted to skirts and dresses, then just changing the thickness of my tights to match the seasons.

Then along came George at Asda* , who challenged me and Katy of Little Miss Katy, to a dress off. And of course I was keen, Katy is awesome, I already buy a lot of my clothes from George, and it gives me the little chance to attempt to show you a wee bit of fashion. So we were challenged to create three outfits using a pair of jeans. We scoured the awesome jeans section and eventually chose the George Skinny Wonderfit Jeans . First, I was pretty hopeful from the title, the reviews said they were quite generous in sizing so I picked a size 10-12. The fear began when they arrived, the dreaded ‘maybe if I lie on the bed and pull them on’ scenario was running through my head. Then what happened, they just… slid on.

Maybe I’m missing a trick, but honestly, these are so comfy. Like comfier than tights. They are like a combined jeans, stretch material, and just fit. And seriously, since I’ve bought them I’ve pretty much been wearing them non stop. My stash of tops and jumpers are finally being utilised!! So here are my three outfits using my wonderfit jeans along with George At Asda accessories. Be sure to check out Katy’s blog to see how she styled them!


JC Wears - George at Asda, Three ways with grey jeans

For my daytime look, I combined the jeans with this lovely crochet jumper. This is going to be so ideal for summer (the holes in it are not conducive for holding heat)! I also had lace flats which I am pretty obsessed with. Just check out that action walking shots…

JC Wears - George at Asda, Three ways with grey jeans

The jumper itself has a bit of sparkle in it as well which I think is lovely to add that something little bit different. I wore this beautiful heart necklace with it to pick up on the sparkle in the jumper. I have had the necklace for years and I can’t actually remember where I got it from. You can probably get similar ones from adinasjewels.com though. It’s fair to say this is my favourite piece of jewellery – I wear it all the time!


JC Wears | George at Asda

Let’s not lie, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a night out on the town. Not my scene. So I went more for a night look which I would wear when hitting up the pub for a nice G+T. I styled the jeans with this leather blazer, which I thought was a little different – it smartens up the look while keep it a little edgy (not sure I can ever claim to be edgy, but we’ll go with it…). I paired it with some little wedges. I don’t have the feet for proper heels so these are the ideal height to lengthen but not have to walk home with no shoes on.

JC Wears | George at Asda

I jazzed the outfit up with this three bar necklace which I LOVE and it was only 4 pounds. I know, I could not believe that either. Since you can barely see my earrings in this picture, I won’t bother tagging them. I haven’t thought to include them because you can wear pretty much any earrings with this outfit, depending on the occasion and your personal preference. There are plenty of well-priced collections out there if you are looking for earrings, so you should be able to find something you like to match the outfit.


JC Wears | George at Asda

The final outfit was for an interview. Now I probably wouldn’t wear jeans for a ‘corporate’ interview, so I channeled more ‘I want to be a uni tutor’ vibe. Something smart to wear for a more casual environment. I combined the jeans with this blue lace top which I cannot get enough of. Seriously. I wear it ALL the time. It’s just so pretty, and I feel so put together when I have it on.

JC Wears | George at Asda

I added some wedge booties which are SO comfy. Honestly, I hit my 10,000 steps before my feet started to hurt and usually I’m the girl who walks to the bus stop then has to run home to put flats on. I also added this little Aztec backpack. I’ve been loving backpacks and little bags recently to free up my hands when out and about. I feel like this is more trendy than my giant black laptop backpack…


So there we have it! Make sure you check out Katy’s blog and let us know ‘who wore it best’! I really enjoyed my foray into fashion blogging, and hey, we will be back next week for more!!

JC xx

*Some of the above was sent to me for review, but I chose all the bits and pieces, and as always, if I didn’t love it – I wouldn’t blog it!

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