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April 26, 2015

30 Content Rich Blog Ideas - Jasmin Charlotte

Bloggers block is tough. Trust me, I’ve been there more than a few times during my year of blogging! So, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to pull together a list of blog topic ideas – hopefully to help you guys with some inspiration for your blog (but also to help me, next time my bloggers block hits!). Sometimes it can be a technical issue that gets in the way of your blogging though like your site not being set up correctly or looking how you’d like it too. My friend told me that an SEO company Thailand could provide some useful information on how to get their blog in shape to rank on google well and helping the site run smoother. I’ve tried to keep to multi-faceted topics, things you can make your own and put your own spin on and hopefully a few that are a bit more out of the box.

1. Blogging. Why do you blog? What aspects of it make you happy? What aspects of blogging really grind your gears? What would you say to a newbie blogger who has just started out?

2. You! We always want to know about the blogger behind the blog, tell your story, what have you been up to in the years before the blog started? List some year highlights or some facts someone wouldn’t guess about you.

3. Day in the life of. I looove reading day in the life of content on blogs like RJ City. The best day in the life posts keep it simple and do a normal day, do it for an exciting day or try and take a theme. Day in the life of your beauty, taking pictures and recording beauty top up or tweaks, day in the life of your food, everything you’ve been eating, day in the life of your feet, what weird surfaces have you been standing on today?

4. Apps. Share your favourite apps. They might be your favourite games, your favourite apps for cooking, for editing photos or for chatting with others.

5. Recipes. Recipes may be standard but share one which reminds you of your childhood, which reminds you of a trip abroad, or of a summers day. Tell us about what you love about it, how it reminds you of that situation, why your friends and family love it.

6. Reasons behind beauty. I love reading about beauty, but why not share the reasons behind why you love beauty? How does it help your self confidence? Did you start when you were young with your mum or when you were older? Would you go make up free?

7. Diet. How do you eat? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Why? Do you have intolerances? What do you do to deal with these? What are the best meals for your kind of diet?

8. Career. What industry do you work in? I always find it so fascinating to hear the journies to where someone is in their career. What are your job dreams? Where do you wish to be? What would you share to help people into your industry?

9. Travel. Your travel bucket list, your anti travel bucket list, your top 10 locations, your ideal day out, your favourite gems near home, your upcoming travel plans, experiences in the countries you have visited in the past. Has anything changed how you look at your day to day life?

10. TV/Movies. What have you been loving recently? What are your favourites of all time? What is your favourite genres and what do you recommend to get people started? Where do you like watching?

11. Scents. What are your favourite scents? Do certain scents remind you of places? How do you bring scents into your house? What is your least favourite scent?

12. Websites. Other than blogging, what do you spend your time on when browing the net? What awesome websites and tools have you happened upon? There is so much out there!

13. Uni. Go back to your uni days, how were they? What advice would you give to other uni goers? For studying? For making friends? What about if you didn’t go to uni? What are the other options out there?

14. Daily motivation. What motivates you day to day? What are your favourite quotes? Apps? People? What do you do when your motivation dries up?

15. Process. What is your blogging process? What schedule tools do you use? Do you plan your blog post or write on a whim? Share your creative process.

16. Round Up. Go through your stats and give a round up of your top 10 most popular posts. Round up all your posts on a particular topic. Drive some traffic to some old posts!

17. Sleep. What’s your sleeping routine? How do you get more sleep? How do you deal when you don’t have enough sleep? Give some tips on getting a better night of rest.

18. Share the love. Either share some bloggers or some blog posts which have motivated or inspired you.

19. Seasons. What is your favourite season? What do you love about it? What do you change up or alter based on the seasons? Reminisce to another season, talk about autumn leaves in spring – offer some reflection.

20. Interview yourself. All the questions you ask other people, ask yourself! Give yourself a mini interview on what you’ve been up to recently and how you blog.

21. Goals/Bucket List. Give your weekly/monthly/yearly goals. Talk about your bucket list, do 101 in 1001 or 100 happy days. Share your anti bucket list, things you will never do!

22. Habits. Do you have any odd habits? Share some habits which are trying to give up or some healthy habits which you are trying to keep up!

23. Stuff. What do you think about buying stuff? Are you an impulse buyer? Are you trying to downsize? What does owning all these things in life mean to you?

24. Round Up. Regularly blog recipes/travel/beauty? Pop them all into a round up sharing your favourite posts, creating different menus for different occasions, or recommended reading when someone visits your blog. Bonus by adding this to your ‘about me’ page for new readers to refer to!

25. Blogging Tips. Share some insight on how you started blogging, even better write a ‘what I wish I had known’ blog to help out any newbie bloggers who are just starting.

26. Guests Posts/Interview Someone else. Give someone else the hard work and ask for guest bloggers. Try interview your favourite blogger or someone inspirational in your life and share it on the blog.

27. Other half. Share the story of how you met your other half, and some fun stories about your time together. Might not even be your partner, could be a best friend or your sister – plus brownie points from whoever you feature as well!

28. Other Half’s favourite x. Like the above, find someone special to feature their favourite food/travels/make up bag. Share any lessons they might have about those areas.

29. Life lessons. Make a list of the life lessons you have learnt! Do 23 lessons ins 23 years (or any age!)

30. Lists. Lists of tips for bloggers, of blog ideas, of things you do in the morning. People love lists!

I hope these were helpful for you and will assist in providing a bit of blog inspiration for when that bloggers block hits!

JC xx

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