JC Updates: 10 Happy Things #8

April 7, 2015

I had a nice weekend, jaunting around London and Brighton. It was lovely to see the sunshine and not have to wear a coat for the first time this year! However, the weekend was blighted by my lovely cat dying on Monday. She lived in Australia with my parents, so  I haven’t been with her for the past couple of years I’ve been in London. But we did have a good 14 years together and I will miss her more than anything.



Photo 06-04-2015 1 35 38 pm

With that said, it’s good to balance out with some positive things, so here are 10 other things which have made me happy over the past couple of weeks:

1. Over the long weekend, we had a day exploring some new exhibitions in London. We went to the Wellcome collection and their new forensics collection which was so good. A bit macabre, but it was definitely worth a visit – learning all about forensics through the ages. We also popped into the British Library which is one of my favourite buildings in London, I love looking at old buildings.

2.I tried out a few new recipes, including turkey stuffed zucchini which was SO good. Let me know if you want a recipe.




3. We went to Ideal Home Show on Friday which was really enjoyable! Big thanks to JoeBlogs and Hillarys Blinds  for giving us tickets. It essentially is a huuuge show in Kensington Olympia with awesome recommendations for your home. The building itself was awesome, and they had 3 entire homes which you could wander round. We are currently looking at redoing the bathroom so got some inspiration! I also had a really good halloumi wrap and left with a huge amount of leaflets to peruse through. Expect home developments soon!

4. I did a bit of crochet finally and finished off this little owl which I started months ago.

Photo 24-03-2015 9 56 08 pm

5. I got a bike. Well, I’m getting it today but I ordered it last week. I’m pretty excited to get out there and on some summer bike rides.

6.  Planning our trip to Scotland later in the year.

7. I met Katy to take some of my first ever outfit pics! It was pretty exciting. Expect to see them on the blog soon.

8. Breaking the sugar ban and remembering how good chocolate tastes.

Photo 05-04-2015 9 29 53 pm

9. We had a day out to Brighton on Sunday. It was lovely to meet up with Aisling and get to explore bits of Brighton which I haven’t been to before. We had a delish burger, wandered through some quirky shops and got to get a bit of sea air. We also stopped off at Devils Dyke on the way home which is such a nice spot to look out over the South Downs.

10. I’m organsing another little blog meet up with Maryam. It will be in central London, pretty small and relaxed! Do let me know if you fancy coming along and meeting some other awesome bloggers.

London Bloggers Meet Up!

What has made you happy this week?

JC xx

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