JC Updates: 10 Happy Things #9

April 14, 2015


Not the best word to start a happy things post right? But that’s how I’ve been feeling this week. Just pretty terrible. I won’t go into too many reasons, but I’m hoping that I will snap out of it soon. As much as I love moving and living in so many amazing countries and my life here in London, sometimes you just miss people. I miss my parents. I miss my cat.

That said, I always think it’s best to find the happy things when you are in these grey times, so here we are 10 happy things from the past week.

1. Paul. He’s amazing, like seriously. He has definitely made me the happiest over the past week.

Photo 08-04-2015 7 00 21 pm

2. We went to the pub quiz with Katy and her boyfriend Gary. Not only did I have an awesome steak which cost me 8 quid (bargain), but we won £70. I feel like my obsession with pub quizzes has become vindicated!

3. Walks in the park. I’ve been trying to walk every afternoon through the park and to the river, it’s good to give my head some space and gives me chance to listen to some awesome podcasts (I have a post with all my favourites coming up soon!).

4. I got a new blog logo! Isn’t it pretty? I’m pretty obsessed.

5. We had our first BBQ! We went to Pauls parents over the weekend and had an awesome BBQ. I’ve missed BBQs, don’t think I’ve had once since I moved to the UK.

6. I’ve been trying to streamline media which I consume, and cut out those which I don’t really ‘benefit’ from. Especially on youtube! I’ve cut about 100 subscriptions and it feels so good. Paul recently got me onto Casey Neistat and I’ve been loving his vlogs.

Photo 09-04-2015 8 06 30 pm

7. I got the bike! Which I’ve been talking about for ages. But it has arrived, we have been for two rides. I’m pretty unfit but I am enjoying it.

8. Blue skies. Blossom trees. Fresh leaves.

Photo 06-04-2015 1 51 05 pm

9. I just read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I really liked it. It was nice and light and just what I needed this week.

10.  Chocolate. The sugar ban has been failing this week, but hey, I got two Hotel Chocolat easter eggs and they are freakin’ delicious.

Tell me what made you happy this week – I want to hear the little things which brighten your day.

JC xx

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