JC Eats: Sketch London Afternoon Tea!

May 20, 2015

Two afternoon teas in two weeks?! Good thing I’m back on the wagon with my health diaries…. So last weekend I headed into town to go to Sketch London afternoon tea. I just can’t get enough of cakes, scones and tea – all of my favourite things in one.

I had never been to Sketch London before but had heard wonderful things about it, and it did not let me down. As soon as you approach, immediately being greeted by a man in a bowler hat and led through the weird and wonderful rooms. The walls are covered in modern art with each space being a different theme. It is honestly pretty hard to explain, but it’s one of those strange immersive places where everything is just a bit.. odd.



I wandered through the jungle bar to the pink parlour at the back of the building where afternoon tea was held. And it was definitely pink! There was a faux dome in the ceiling, with pink poofs dotted throughout. The walls were covered in odd doodles which matched the tableware.


Once my sister arrived, we quickly ordered from our friendly waitress. I went for a blackcurrant and hibiscus tea as a bit of a change from all the mint green I had been chugging back recently. It quickly turned up in cute teapots labelled with ‘ghosts’, a bit odd, but then that was the theme by that point.


Soon after, we received our towers of food and cake. I like that a lot of the food here contained little alternative changes. First we received a warm mozzeralla panini which is always appreciated, traditional salmon sandwich (nom), and a cucumber finger sandwich. The best bit was definitely the egg sandwich which was mixed with horseradish and topped with a quails egg and caviar. We even ordered extra of these, they were that good!

Next up were the scones which arrived warm. The scones were pretty large, we received one each but could request more. I do prefer smaller scones usually but this was still delicious. I could have done with a bit more clotted cream, as really – you got to smother that stuff on right?


The cakes were definitely the highlight of this afternoon tea – I liked that the portions were smaller as I felt I could really eat all of it rather than picking out highlights. I can never remember all of the different ones, but the highlights definitely included the mint chocolate ganache, the mini creme filled croque em bouche and the rhubarb cheesecake. There were also some bubblegum marshmellows which were quite delicious.


However, one of the highlights was definitely the toilets. I told you this whole afternoon was a bit odd. But seriously, it was probably one of the best toilets I’ve ever been in. Each toilet was enclosed in it’s own goose egg. Then once you entered the egg, you were played farm animal noises. It was an experience.

Overall, it was a fabulous afternoon. The only slight letdown was that you are only able to have the room for an hour and a half – and even though we had finished our food by then, I would have liked an extra half an hour to mooch around and drink more tea!

Whats the coolest toilet you’ve been in?

JC xx

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