JC Reads: 40 Books – May Update!

May 22, 2015

Books. Something I have sorely neglected on the blog this year! So it’s time for an update. As a reminder, my goal is to read 40 books this year – quite the target considering it was only July last year when I really got the reading bug back. I was worried when I stopped my commuting at the end of January, that the reading would stop as well. I have found that it is a bit slower than when I had 3 hours of reading time a day, but it still fits comfortably in my life! When I was growing up, I used to always read for about 30 minutes before bed to switch off – and I’ve started doing this again. It is a really nice way to unwind at the end of a busy day!

So my progress so far? I have read 18 out of 40 books! According to my goodreads calculator, I am 4 books ahead of schedule which is good to know. As I have been slow with the reviews, I’m not going to review all of the books I read this year – I’ve picked the top 5 for a quick time review!

The opposite of loneliness

The Opposite of Loneliness – Marina Keegan

This is a collection of short stories and essays from Marina Keegan. Marina was a successful student at Columbia when sadly she died at the age of 22. Knowing that gives her writing such an influential and inspiring caste – reading essays about living life to the fullest become more poignant, and short stories about dealing with the death of a loved one, all too close to home.

Seriously recommend – she has a lovely writing style and I think this gives a twenty something a lot to think about. I gobbled this up in a couple of days – it isn’t long. Read it!


the night circus

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

This was a recommendation from the lovely Katy. It follows the story of a battle of 2 magicians, it sounds like a fantasy but it is written in a modern fiction style. The battle between the magicians goes over many years and is set in a circus. Not only was this a captivating read but I loved the descriptions of the magical circus, it’s not the cliche circuses you see in movies, it was a whole new concept.

This book was a little bit different and thats what I loved about it. The chapters juxtaposed with scenes from the circus and never really knowing which way it was going to turn. If you want a bit of a different read, I highly recommend – this book is worth its hype!



Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

In a complete opposite to the top two, I really wanted a quick and happy chick lit read when I ran across attachments. This follows the stories of a guy who works in IT whose job it is to read other peoples email. He begins reading conversations between two women and quickly begins to fall in love with one of them. The book switches between the email conversation of Beth and Joanne, and the life of Leo as he struggles with deciding what to do.

It made me chuckle, and it is definitely a bit of a heartwarmer. Plus it is set in 2000, so the references are pretty entertaining in themselves – all in the panic of Y2K! An enjoyable happy read.


the pact

The Pact – Jodi Picoult

Ugh Jodi Picoult always writes those books that I don’t really enjoy but I want to know what happens SO BAD that I end up reading it non stop for about 48 hours. And this was the same with this book. It centres around a teenage couple who have been together since growing up with each other next door. One day they are found with the girl shot in the head and the boy hurt, in a botched double suicide attempt. The book flits between current day, the court case against the boy, scenes of them growing up and everything in between.

As I said, it is an addictive read! I wanted to know what happened and it was captivating. Did I really agree with the outcome? Not really, I do think it has a few plot holes which did frustrate me. But if you want something to keep your mind busy for a few days then this is a good option.



Foundation – Isaac Asimov

I do love a bit of sci fi. And it has been ageeees since I’ve read any so I picked this up from my grandad. I really enjoyed it! It is classic sci fi, all about the end of the empire of galactic planets. It’s a really interesting read as the book moves through hundreds of years so it never stays with the same characters for more than a few chapters.

It’s the first in a trilogy so I will be sure to keep reading the next ones. If you fancy a great sci fi, then this is an awesome option!


Alongside these books, I have also finished since my last update: Personal – Lee Child, The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins, Heresy – S J Parris, Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki, Nudge – Richard Thaler, Harry Potter 2 – J K Rowling, and From the Cradle – Louise Voss. If you want reviews on any of those, let me know and I will include them in my next update!

Let me know what you’ve been reading recently!

JC xx

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