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May 3, 2015


I do enjoy finding handy little blogging tools. My 5 tools for images, and 5 tools for improving your writing are some of my favourite posts. However, there are a whole heap of tools out there which help in other areas of your blog, from SEO, to blog speed, to how mobile friendly your blog is – most of these are tools which help you identify any problems your blog may be having and then give you easy ways to fix them. As well as these tools, you may consider using a company like Internetzone I to give you a hand to improve your blog. Then a few other cool ones thrown in for good measure!

Improve your blog:



Nibbler is an awesome website which you can use to analyse your site. It produces a report which covers literally every area you can think of. It gives you an overall score then a score in several areas such as accessibility, experience and technology and gives you top three things you can do to improve your score. It shares your overall website rank, then shows all social media which is associated with it (which is helpful as some of mine wasn’t properly linked until recently).

It runs through the technical side of your blog, any code errors, meta tags and printability (one which mine fails at, but really, I doubt many people are printing this stuff off)! It ranks your headings, content, tags, literally everything you have never thought of. This is so helpful to identify some problems which may be affecting others using your site but things you aren’t aware of.



Does google analytics do your head in? (I know it does for me!) Alexa is like a simple analytics site, you pop in your domain and it shows you a lot of your stats including geography of readers, bounce rate, page views per visitor, time spent on site, key words used in search engines and basic demographics of users.

This is really helpful to give you a view of how people are finding and staying on your site – if your bounce rate is particularly high then you may need to look at better navigation (such as making it easier for people to browse your archive) to keep visitors on your blog. A much easier version of google analytics!

SEO Site Check Up


I have a bit guide to SEO coming up soon in my tech segment which shows some of the best seo tools 2019. but if you want to get a leg up then you can use this site. It is similar in format to nibblr but focuses on SEO and ways to improve SEO on your site. It searches for things like headings, alt tags, favicons, links, and key words. It then shows you any fixes you need to make.

I find this website really easy to use and it explains SEO and its fixes in a simple and effective way. It is a great site to start with on your journey to successful SEO, but I will add that it is just that – a start. To really boost your SEO, my advice would be to speak to the experts. If you are based in Boston you are lucky, because one of the top-rated SEO companies in the world is based there. Find them by searching Boston SEO and see what they can do to help.

Page Speed Insight

page speed

Speed of your site is something which is really important, but also something I don’t consider often! This is a really useful little tool to let you know how quick your website is on both mobile and desktop. It gives you a score out of 100 and then options to improve your score. These are usually quick and easy things which will really benefit your readers accessibility such as compressing your photo sizes!

Mobile Friendly Test

mobile test

This is another nifty little google tool to let you know if your blog is responsive and able to be viewed on mobile devices. You may know that google has recently changed its guidelines to give higher search engine ranking to sites which are mobile optimized so it’s good to check that yours meets the standard. If it doesn’t then it may be time for a new template – you can find affordable responsive templates on etsy (such as my current theme!).

Fun Extras:

With Oomph

with oomph

If you’re anything like me then you probably are very decisive with your blog design. This is a really handy website where you put in your blog name and tag line and it mocks up HEAPS of logo design ideas. It’s so handy to see a whole heap of ideas and get some inspiration for what your logos and graphics can look like. You do have the option of buying the logo too if you’re not just looking for a bit of inspiration!

The Name App

name app

And finally the name app, I know some of us will at go through a rebrand at some point and this is ideal. It lets you know whether your new name is available, not only the domain but also on twitter, instagram and anything you can think of. Ideal for starting a new blog or if a name change is on the cards. If you still some professional help with growing SEO for your website or app consider a seo company in Bangkok. SEO Heroes Bangkok can provide some useful information on how to tackle the challenge of website growth.

And there we have it, 7 tools which will hopefully help you improve your blogging game!

Let me know what your favourite tool is!

JC xx

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