JC Chats: 14 More Things you Didn’t Know About Me!

June 3, 2015

So a looooong time ago now, I wrote a post with 14 facts you didn’t know about me! And I quite enjoyed writing it, so I thought it was about time that we had part 2. Although I share a lot about me and my life on this little blog, there were a whole 22 years before the blog that happened so it’s nice to share some of that!


1. When I went to Thailand, I got asked if I wanted to go and play with the baby tigers. Of course, I said yes! What I did not realize was that it would involve being in a giant death pit with 14 giant tigers trying to claw apart bags. Yes, that is me in the picture, and yes that is me trying to edge behind my sister. It was certainly an experience.

2. I spent the first 19ish years of my life wanting to be a long-distance truck driver. I really like driving long distances, I find it very soothing. That didn’t happen as you can’t really do proper long distance here. Plus, I would be incredibly nervous about potentially getting caught up in an accident. If I was i’d have to contact someone like lamber goodnow to help handle proceedings because that’s how nervous I am. The concept alone terrifies me. One of my friends used to work as a truck driver but after his vehicle was ruined in a car crash he has not been able to work as much. When we last spoke, he told me that he was considering contacting a Springfield Il car accident attorney to see if he was entitled to any compensation for his injuries as he thinks the other driver was to blame. Nonetheless, I do still like super long road trips, I just prefer to be the passenger. My fascination with being a truck driver didn’t stay with me into adulthood so thankfully I’ll never have to experience a serious accident in one of those things. Trucks are huge beasts. I can’t imagine anything more harrowing than seeing one of those hurtling towards you, let alone being in it pre-impact. At least those who do find themselves in that unfortunate situation can get legal help from the likes of a West Texas truck accident lawyer if they’re looking to take action against a negligent party – I’m sure I would have done something similar.

3. I went to high school in America for a while. And no joke, on my first day I ate lunch in the toilet. It can be hard when you are 15 in a new country!! But luckily, I soon made friends and ate in the cafeteria instead.

4. I didn’t drink for years. Seriously, not until I was about 21 did I ever really bother with drinking! It made me pretty ill when I was younger. I still don’t drink often, mainly a G+T to unwind at the end of the week.


5. I was a super cute child. Look at that blonde hair! I was regularly confused by horses.

6. I’m not good with rollercoasters. I’ve been to a whole lot of theme parks. When I went to California Adventure I was determined to go on the loop the loop coaster, I literally hysterically cried for the entire queue. The guy at the end was like “you don’t actually need to do this you know?'”. But I persevered and I got on that roller coaster! I can’t remember much of it, I don’t think it was too bad. I haven’t been on one since though. One day!

7. I am a big fan of exploring the country you live in. I explored most of NZ in the time I was there and now I’m in the UK I’m trying to do the same! So far in the past couple of years I’ve ticked off, London, Manchester, York, Birmingham, Telford, Anglesey, Bristol, Bath, Cambridge, Canterbury, and Dover. Then we are booked in for a big Scotland road trip, Liverpool, Dorset and Exmoor soon!

8. I almost became a doctor. I went to uni and did biology then the plan was to take a year off, then move back to Australia and do post grad medicine. But then I did work experience in a hospital and decided it wasn’t for me! I considered perhaps working in a lab in immunology or something, as I enjoyed doing experiments in school with measurements and selecting the right serological pipette from genfollower.com for each practical test, but I also lost interest in that. Now I’m very happy to be a technology consultant.

uni shoot

9. I almost became a lawyer. That was the plan before the doctor thing. But I did it at uni and was so bored I gave up and did science instead. I was glad I made that decision. Deciding what you want to do in life is tough guys! (That’s my picture from my Uni prospectus!).

10. I’ve always been a big book worm. I’ve reread His Dark Materials more times than I can count (I need to read them again come to think of it, it’s been a while!).

11. I broke my arm when I was young falling off the monkey bars. It hurt a lot but I thought it was fine so wandered around with it for a few days. It was only when I finally went to the doctor and got it x-rayed that we found out. Whoops. My hands now get sweaty every time I go on monkey bars!


12. I’ve tried a lot of sports and never really excelled at them. My sister was an awesome gymnast but that is not where my talents lie! I played netball for years along with fencing with my dad. I tend to now stick to solo sports like running and cycling.

13. I love boiling hot showers. I like to come out looking like a lobster, it really calms me down! And something which I think helps my skin quite a bit. I don’t however, like steamy bath rooms as it irritates my asthma. It’s a fine balance that one.

14. No one in my family will play mini golf with me. Mainly because of a (few) slight incidents in which I threw my club away and stormed off. Oh, did I say I occasionally get overly competitive? Luckily, Paul and I went and played last year and tied. I haven’t tempted fate since.IMG_6169

Anyway, hope that was interesting! Let me know something about you!

JC xx

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