JC Chats: My London Summer Bucket List

June 9, 2015

JC Updates

So I’ve been meaning to right a bucket list for ages! Like since before summer. I think bucket lists and goals are some of my favourite posts to read as they make me really motivated. But then, obviously not motivated enough to write any myself – so I am changing that right now!

I want to write a little bucket list to try and get the most out of my summer (and probably Autumn!) this year, it’s definitely going to be a mostly London summer so it’s time to fall back in love with city and get out and about. As a bonus, my best friend from NZ is coming to visit for 2 whole months so I’m so excited to get out and do some of these things with her!


1. Visit Cahoots

Cahoots is a recently opened bar in London which is in an old underground station. It’s styled to look like a 40s tube carriage. I’ve been meaning to visit for ages and I’ve finally booked in to go and visit in July with the family and I’m really looking forward to it.

2. Go out for a fancy meal

I do love a fancy meal but I haven’t been to a lot of the nicer places in London which serve a degustation menu. I really want to treat myself this summer and head out with Paul for a fancy mid summer dinner. I’ve been keeping an eye on the voucher websites, hopefully I will be able to find this for a bargain.

3. Go to a new museum

I’ve visited most of the big London museums like the science and natural history, however London is full of little museums which I haven’t ventured to. I’m not sure which just yet, let me know your suggestions below!


4. Get to Kew Gardens

Kew is somewhere I’ve never managed to make it to since I moved to London. I’m always jealous of the lovely Mirandas photos when she blogs about it so it’s been on my ‘to visit’ list for ages. I need to make it out there this summer.

5. Visit a London stately home

I do love visiting stately homes, but I’ve only been to a few up North and in Wales. I really want to go to one in London or the surrounds – Leeds Castle or Blenheim Palace are both on the cards!

lost lanes

6. Go for a cycle out in the country

I’ve been loving getting on the bike and a little while ago I bought Paul a book called ‘Lost Lanes’ which describes heaps of cycles in the countryside surrounding London. I’ve only done a lot of city riding so far, so it will be awesome to get out and about in the surrounding areas.

7. Go to the theatre

I got theatre tickets for my birthday last year and I still have not spent them! I need to get to the theatre ASAP I’m just not sure what to see – suggestions please!

8. Go rock climbing

One of my goals this year was to try different forms of exercise and that has so far not been that successful (other than cycling) so I really want to get out and try some rock climbing. I used to enjoy it when I was younger so think I will again now. I have looked at the guides on Globo Surf to remind myself of what to do and even found some fun games to do while I climb I’m feeling confident that I will enjoy trying it out again.

9. Run another little blog meet up

I loved running some little blog meet ups this year, so another one somewhere in the sunshine with cocktails sounds pretty ideal to me.

10. Go to somewhere new in the UK

This has been the year of exploring the UK and I really want to continue with it! Luckily we have a few weddings this year in some places I’ve not yet been to, so hopefully I can do a bit of exploring whilst I’m there.

Phew. If I manage to get all that done then I will be very pleased with myself!

What is on your summer bucket list? What else do I need to add to mine?

JC xx

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