JC Eats: London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour!

June 5, 2015


Yep, you read that title correctly. This is afternoon tea, on a bus. The lovely Miss Pond sent me a message earlier in the month asking if I wanted to join her on a bloggers outing to the Afternoon Tea Bus with Rennie*. Of course, the answer was yes. I am an afternoon tea addict, and I have seen this bus tootling around London as of late, constantly drawing lustful stares.

London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

I started the day by meeting Katy who was also joining the bus fun, to take a few outfit pictures! I wore a floral number from Dorothy Perkins which I bought awhile ago but really like. I paired with some lacy shoes and a black cardie. We then found Emma and found the bus!


It is an old routemaster which has been refurbished especially for afternoon tea and I think they have done a really good job. The tables are dinky but have big windows. There are tables of 4, and even little tables of 2 where Emma and I sat. We were on the bottom level but I think the upstairs is even larger so the bus can take a fair few people. The only slight pain with the refurbishment was that there were no loos, which meant I had to take care with my tea intake!


The plates are all set up for when you get on the bus (wise to keep waitressing to a minimum!). The savouries had a good selection – finger sandwiches, buns, quiches and a little salmon blini. I enjoyed the salmon the most for sure – I’m not a cucumber or mushroom fan so the quiche wasn’t my cup of tea, but I heard from mushroom lovers that it was delish. The plates are all handily stuck to the table which stops the risk of things falling all over the place. There was also a cup holder where we had a nice bottle of fresh orange.


Once the bus took off, we got our tea in a handy carry cup and lid to avoid spillages. I went for my classic peppermint tea. The bus goes on a set route around London as you can see in the picture. I think they usually give you a bit of a talking tour but as we were all loud bloggers they didn’t really do that with us. They do have a book with all the details on your table though.


As I’ve now been in London for a couple of years, it was all sights which I’ve seen several times, but it was still nice to go and view them from a different angle. It was also pretty entertaining watching the stares of people on normal buses when a bus full of bloggers taking tea pulled up next to them!


The scones came round next, which were nice and fresh with a little pot of jam and cream. We only got one each and even though I was already getting a bit stuffed, scones are my absolute fave so I would have loved more!

The best bit of the food tour was most definitely the cakes. The company which runs the tour, owns the BB bakery in Covent Garden and it’s clear cakes are there thing! The profiterole stuffed full of creme patisserie was creamy and delicious. It was also on top of a little biscuit with fruit and was oh so more-ish! Along side we had a chocolate-y macaroon which was almost like a brownie in texture, gooey and chewy. Accompanied by a tiny lemon meriangue pie which Emma informed me was Swiss merangue which meant it was barely set – sweet deliciousness oozing everywhere, it was definitely my favourite. The bus was also lovely enough to give us a little box with a couple of little cupcakes to take home, topped with pink icing – Paul was happy to get to try something!


Overall, I really enjoyed my trip on the BB Bakery Afternoon Tea bus. It was so nice to catch up with Katy and Emma, eat some delicious treats and get to see London in a totally unique way. Big thanks to Rennie for inviting us! And seriously guys, I have always been a rennie fan – I get pretty bad IBS/stomach upsets and always have some on hand to help soothe my stomach!

What has been your most unique afternoon tea?

JC xx

*We were taken on the Afternoon Tea bus by Rennie but of course, I only include things I love on the blog! 

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