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June 18, 2015

Anglesey 3

So I totally forgot about this post. I took all the pictures, even mentioned it in my 10 happy things then nope, nothing. I was browsing through my drafts and I spotted it luckily! So a few weeks ago now, in May, Paul and I took a trip to Anglesey, in North Wales. If you’ve been a long time reader then you may remember that I went this time last year as well. But well, this time the weather was better and I lugged around my snazzy camera. I love coming here, I’ve even (jokingly) said that we need to get a campervan or something when we come to visit here since we come all the time. I even made Paul look up campervan insurance with a company like Staveley Head Insurance… maybe we might get one… but maybe not right now.

Anglesey 2

Anglesey is about a 2 and a half hour drive from Manchester in a little island off the top of Wales. And to me, is one of the most gorgeous places in the UK. Full of greenery, little coves, tiny little towns and some good pubs! My parents have just insured their caravan with One Sure Insurance so we packed off on Saturday morning and drove through North Wales. I love visiting the caravan, it was expensive but we used an auto finance website to help us out. Our credit score was good so the total amount repayable was reasonable, I really recommend it. A lot of people I speak to almost seem scared to talk about their credit score even have it checked. I really don’t understand why there is such a taboo around the topic especially as it can be hard to make a problem go away if you don’t commit to trying to address it. After all, bad credit really isn’t the end of the world. I even know of some people who have bought their dream house thanks to a bad credit mortgage!

Anglesey 1

On Saturday afternoon, we went for a really long walk around Red Wharf Bay. The bay is gorgeous and has an impressive tide, with essentially the entire bay emptying out then filling back up. You can even walk across if you have some good wellies and know the tide times. We walked around the outside, getting our feet covered in mud as it had turned quite boggy from all the recent rain – but we were so lucky with the weather with pretty beaming sunshine. We did attempt the crossing on the way back but got a bit worried by the slippery grounds and went around the outside just in case. We popped off at the pub on the way home. Pretty ideal afternoon!

Anglesey 4

On Sunday, I wanted to get out and explore more of the island. We started the day by visiting Plas Newyd, the stately home on the island, owned by the Marquis of Anglesey. The grounds were stunning as we went for a long walk and watched a boat race take place along the strait. The house itself is a good visit as well, it focuses a lot on Henry Paget, the first Marquis who fought a lot of battles alongside Wellington. It was nice to get a bit of Welsh history!

Anglesey 6

Anglesey 5

In the afternoon, we drove across the island to Holyhead which is the big port town. After a quick lunch break, we headed round to the South Stack. The weather was again glorious so it was pretty busy but we got a good walk in. The cliffs are immense, and there are no safety barriers so a bit daunting. It’s full of wild birds but unfortunately we didn’t get to see any puffins. You can walk down to the lighthouse as well but I didn’t fancy 500 steps after our previous hike! We headed back to the pub (it had the BEST garlic prawns I’ve ever had in my life – I needed to have it twice!!) and then back to the caravan to watch the F1.

Anglesey 7

On Monday, we had a quick trip to one of the sandy beaches in the morning which Angelsey is littered with. It was lovely to stare at the ocean and get some good sea air! We got on the road pretty early as it was a public holiday and had a good run back to London – only taking around 5 hours.

Anglesey 8

If you are looking for a lovely little break within the UK then I wholly recommend Anglesey. It’s pretty idyllic, especially if you get some good weather and there are a heap of things to do. Next time I’m planning on visiting all the Welsh castles in the area! Now I just need to get to South Wales…

Have you been to Anglesey?

JC xx

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