JC Tech: Bloggers Guide to SEO #5: Best Plug Ins and Tools for SEO

June 28, 2015

Best Plug ins and tools to improve your SEO on your blog

And we are back! If this is your first post on the Bloggers Guide to SEO, then I suggest you start with numbers 1-4:

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#4 – What is Domain Authority + how do I Increase it?

Today, I wanted to talk about all the handy plugins and tools you can use to help manage SEO on your blog. Lots of SEO marketing companies such as outreachpete.com use different tools to complete their jobs to the highest standard. Although their tools might be more advanced than the ones I am showing you, I do believe the WordPress SEO plug ins are one of the best things about going self hosted! Of course, there are some businesses that would prefer to use an SEO agency similar to Avidon Marketing Group to help with their SEO and digital marketing needs, while others may prefer a more personal touch when it comes to their SEO. It really is based on your personal preference when it comes to marketing.


Plugins are only available for those on self hosted wordpress. I hugely think you should go self hosted, not only does it help your SEO but you have so much more power over your blog and its settings. These SEO Plugins have been instrumental in increasing my SEO here on Jasmin Charlotte.

WP SEO by Yoast

plug ins

This is my number one recommendations. This was originally called SEO by Yoast but has been renamed WP SEO and it does everything you need! It inserts a checklist at the bottom of every post as you can see below. You enter your keyword or phrase that you want to highlight in the blog post and it does a check to see where it is. This is a really handy reminder to make sure you are using consistent wording throughout the title, meta tags, URL etc.

It further has a details page which breaks down the good (green), medium (orange) and bad (red) things on your page so you have an opportunity to fix them. It gives you an overall rating for your page which is shown at the top and on your posts list. Lots of green lights is ideal!

The plug in is so easy to use and helps you think of SEO on every post without being intrusive. If you haven’t got this yet then get downloading! This is a good overview of the tool, but it also has a lot of other awesome features which you can read more about here.

SEO Ultimate

I want to give an alternative to Yoast, and SEO Ultimate is another really good option. It has the same features as WP by Yoast but also includes some more high tech features such as being able to edit your theme code without having to create a child theme. This is handy if you want to SEO optimize your blog code. I don’t think it is as intuitive as Yoast but is a good option especially if you have compatibility issues using Yoast.

Tools for SEO:

Tools are handy to give you an overview of your blog, but also if you are not self hosted. If you use blogger, squarespace or wordpress.com then I recommend using these tools and then getting yourself a good checklist so you can check things on every post (I have one on my 8 ways to increase SEO post!). There are loads of sites and tools such as Supagrowth that can help you with SEO.

SEO Site Check Up

SEO site check up

I did mention this is a previous post, but it is a good option to have a look at how your website is currently functioning. It gives you a score out of 100 and gives your website several ‘tests’ and shows you how to fix any problems your website may be having problems with. It searches for things such as titles, keywords, meta tags, broken links, speed, mobile and compression. It also gives you a handy report to tell you how to fix the problems.

This is a good way of getting an overall feel for how your SEO is going and how to get your blog up to speed. If SEO Site Check Up doesn’t work for you then Nibblr is a good option too but doesn’t focus on SEO as much.

Keyword Tool


This is a handy tool for when you need to find the right keywords for a post. It tells you what people have been googling for a specific phrase. If you want to get serious about keywords then this is helpful as it should match your post with what people are searching for. Handy.

Broken Link Checker

If you don’t want to use a whole app like the SEO tool, then the broken link checker is ideal. It goes through and highlights any broken links which may appear on your site. These decrease your SEO in the eyes of google so it’s good to get them fixed whilst you can. There is a good plug in for that too!

If you’re interested in blogging tools, I do have a little series where I have blogged about a whole heap!

A large amount of companies will sub-contract their SEO requirements out. In the recent years, there has been a massive increase for SEO Brisbane based companies, more and more businesses are going online and discovering the potential it can bring to their business. Do you use an SEO tool or plug in?

JC xx

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