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June 21, 2015

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We are having a little break from SEO this week, do not fear the Bloggers Guide to SEO will be completed but there is only so much talking about link strength you can do before you need a little break. My friend has just started a new blog and she’s hired an seo company to help her out. SEO is really important but I thought for this weeks techy post, I’d look at my ‘blogging process’. This sounds fancy, but isn’t. Really I just wanted to talk about what I do for each of my blog posts – then I want to hear what you do. I find it SO interesting to hear about how others blog and I inevitably pick up some awesome tips along the way.



I do attempt to do a monthly plan which includes each of my blog posts, any sponsored posts which may be in the works along with a heap of advertising stuff – who I’m advertising with, along with when I need to rotate my own advertising, when to do emails, if I’m hosting twitter chats etc!

So far I’ve been using the Sunrise calendar which althoughisn’t perfect, it does a suitable job. You can select different colour categories and drag and drop the posts around throughout the month. I’ve been on and off having a blog schedule, I stopped and just posted whenever for a few months but at the moment Tues, Thurs and Sunday have been working well for me as posting days.

As I write about a wide range of topics, I like to have a monthly view to get an idea of the balance of topics. It always inevitably ends up changing around a bit, but at least then I never seem to get bloggers block as all my posts are sitting right there, ready to be moved around. I usually end up inserting posts which pushes things down the rung, so far it hasn’t run out!


I usually write posts on my laptop at home, as I find it easier to type and get all the words out! I tend to sit in front of the TV as it weirdly helps me focus more. I sometimes have a weekend day where I will get out a whole weeks worth of posts, but if I have a busy weekend then it’s usually in the evenings after work where I write a post. It usually takes me about an hour depending on what I’m writing about. I’m normally around one post ahead of where I need to be in the week.

I schedule all my posts, it works better for me that way! I usually schedule for 7.30am during the week to hit people who read before work, and around 8.30 on the weekends as people get up later. Sometimes my wordpress scheduling doesn’t work too well so I use the plugin – WP Missed Schedule which works a treat.


my blogging process camera

Some images happen before hand (like if it’s for an event or a holiday) so I take the images, resize them so that they don’t take up too much space on my blog storage or slow down any loading and upload them. If I edit them (which is rarely!) I use either instagram or picmonkey to increase the brightness.

For any kind of product images, I use my DSLR to take them on a white table, with the light behind me which seems to do the trick! I don’t often need to take these, food pictures I just take on the go.

For posts which don’t require an image (techy ones usually) then I either create an image using picmonkey or I use a stock photo from Unsplash (which has some awesome images, like that one up there). I then create a graphic for the post using canva – depending on the post I either make it to fit optimum twitter or pinterest size. Usually for personal posts I do them for twitter, but if I think they are something which will do well on Pinterest (tech or recipes) then I will do them occasionally!


Once all that is done, depending on the post I spend a little bit of time thinking about the title, usually using a good guide for titles. I SEO optimize my post using the WP SEO plug in (which I will yap on in a post all of its own soon!). Recently I’ve also been trying to write my posts with linking in mind. Link building allows your site to gain credibility and can even help to get your brand out there. A friend of mine recently showed me an online article that explains Why backlink juice is an important aspect of SEO if you’re keen to find out just how beneficial SEO friendly content can be. I also have another read-through of my post to make sure I’m completely happy with it. I try and add a few keywords to boost the SEO (if you’ve never done keyword research, check out this article on Researching Keywords the Professional Way by Qatarday). After this, I have a read through to check my grammar, usually using something like Grammarly to help.

I usually schedule my tweets on buffer the day before the post goes live – trying to include an image in at least one tweet during the day. I also pin my posts once they go live. I have set up my wordpress so it auto publishes everything to G+ as well!

Don’t be afraid to outsource some help if you need it too! If you’re in the process of setting up a blog or website and want more assistance getting started, you might want to consider contacting a Digital Entrepreneur from a marketing agency who can provide specialist advice and guidance to enhance your online presence.

Phew, so there we have it, my blogging process from start to finish – including some of the tools I love along the way.

What about your blogging process? Is it similar to mine?

JC xx

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