JC Updates: 10 Happy Things #13

June 16, 2015

Oh hey! It’s been too long since doing one of these updates post and they are my favourite posts to write. I’ve been thinking of doing them weekly, what do you guys think?

The past few weeks have been good! Very busy, work is still pretty full on and I don’t think I have a free weekend until about August but it’s nice to be doing new things and exploring the country. I have a heap of exciting things coming up soon, trips away, visits from friends, weddings, a little break to Portugal – bring on July!

Photo 03-06-2015 10 37 56 am

1. Working in the city. I was on training last week right new to Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Shard. It’s so nice to be in central London for awhile – I’m always so impressed by the views.

2. Instagram. I’m doing a little instagram experiment in June which so far has been going well. This links to number 1 as I’ve been putting a whole heap of London pictures up on there if you’re interested.

Photo 05-06-2015 7 34 23 pm

3. Amazing food! We went to Jimmys Pop Up one hot Friday evening. Paul and I cycled to meet our friend Samantha in Clapham North. I don’t usually manage to get to pop ups as so many are in the city and a bit of a pain to get to after work, so it was awesome to have one near by. Paul and I shared the picnic which came on this awesome mini picnic table, along with two other platters of sliders and other deliciousness. We even had a dessert platter after all of that which was just as delicious – homemade mint aero anyone?

4. Cycling. Another couple of good weeks cycling. We have been going down by the river and trying out the pubs through Fulham, Hammersmith and Barnes. It’s been one of my favourite after work treats.

5. Hot smoked salmon. So delicious.

Photo 14-06-2015 4 26 39 pm

6. Exmoor. Paul and I went to Exmoor for one of his friends 30th birthdays. I haven’t been out that way before, only been as far as Bristol but it was stunning. Such a beautiful part of the country – I definitely want to go back and do some more exploring throughout Cornwall.

7. Prison Break. I haven’t watched much recently, but I just got into Prison Break and binge watched the first season over about 2 weeks – it is so good! Now I’m planning on starting season 3 of Orange is the New Black which I’m looking forward to.

8. Sword and Scale. I’m always on the hunt for good podcasts and started listening to this. It’s about real life crime where they take recordings from courts and interviews to tell the stories of crimes. It’s a bit morbid but pretty addictive listening if you’re into that kind of thing.

Photo 12-06-2015 7 49 12 pm

9. Summer. It’s finally starting to feel a bit more summer like in London and I’ve been loving it. Let’s hope it keeps it up!

10. It’s been world gin day and Miss Ponds gin diaries have been giving me some awesome ideas. Sara also dished up an amazing Vegetarian Pesto Pasta which I need to make!

Whats made you happy this week?

JC xx

PS I have a blog survey and naked palette giveaway if you’re interested!

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