JC Chats: What to Watch, Read + Listen To – July 2015

July 30, 2015

JC Chats

I’m starting a new little series here on Jasmin Charlotte. I have previously enjoyed writing about books, and my many Netflix recommendations so I thought a monthly spot to yap on about them would be ideal! So here I’m going to talk about my latest TV obsessions, any good books in my 40 books challenge and anything which I’ve been listening to, including podcasts!


Prison Break

prison break

I missed Prison Break when it was on the TV, but when wondering what to watch on Netflix, decided it was time to start watching it and I have been hooked! It follows a man wrongly imprisoned, his brother also gets placed in the same prison with the aim to break him out before he gets sentenced to death.

It is a pretty typical American crime show, full of action and suspense at the end of each episode but it is addictive and the ideal show to pop on in the background whilst having a day of blogging!

Dragons Den

dragons den

Paul and I do have quite an addiction to the start up community. It’s so interesting to hear and read about their journies. Dragons Den helps with this addiction, seeing small start ups pitch to a panel of dragon investors. Not only is it interesting to see what products they are creating, but also see how they pitch and what works well – it helps with your own presentation skills! The new series is on at 8pm, Sundays on BBC2.


Marian Keyes

women who stole my life

I just finished Marian Keyes latest novel, The Woman Who Stole My Life. It follows the story of Stella and her journey in writing a novel based on when she had a life threatening paralysis disorder. It runs through 2 storylines, Stella in the present, trying to write her 2nd book, and Stella throughout when she had an illness and was in hospital. It is a classic Marian Keyes, lots of entertaining sub characters, big Irish families, and ultimately a happy ending. I don’t like to call these chick lit, but they are a good option if you want something lighter that is still a really good read. I just picked up Rachels Holiday to reread as well, as I remember enjoying it a few years ago!


Mumford + Sons – Wilder Minds

wilder minds

I do love me some Mumford and Sons, and it has taken me way too long to get their new album! It is a different sound to their previous albums, much more ‘rock’ based rather than the country twang which they used to have. But I still enjoy it, meaningful lyrics and beats which catch you. I’ve been listening to this on my walks to work recently and I’ve been enjoying Believe and Snake Eyes.

The Pitch

The Pitch is a new favourite podcast and it links it with Dragons Den. Each week a new start up pitches on the podcast and different investor each week decide whether to invest. They then follow the companies to see what happens next! There have only been a couple of episodes so far but both I have really enjoyed. It fills the hole which was left from this season of Start Up finishing! If you need a new business podcast to listen to, then this is a good one!

What have you been watching, reading or listening to in July?

JC xx

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