JC Eats: Covent Garden Food Tour

July 7, 2015


It was a boiling day in London when Paul and I were lucky enough to have a day off mid week to explore some of the culinary delights of Covent Garden. I mentioned a little while ago that we went on a Celia Brooks Food Tour and a few of you were interested in hearing a bit more about it!

I love food tours, not only do you get to see part of a city which you may not know about, learn some history but you also get some awesome food recommendations, and get to eat a whole lot of treats. We received a voucher off my parents for a food tour, Celia runs them all around London, through Borough market and Portobello Road. We eventually decided to go with Covent Garden as it is a part of London which I have walked through a lot, but not one which I rarely venture to for food.

We started off early and headed to Covent Garden to meet the group, there was about 10 of us, an eclectic mix of professionals, retirees and tourists to the area.


Our first stop was Hotel Chocolat for a chocolate tasting. I’ve been to Hotel Chocolat a couple of times, but more chocolate is always appreciated! We had huge iced chocolates and tasted the various varieties of single origin chocolates. These were so interesting as it’s crazy how different the chocolate can taste depending on where it has been grown.




We then wandered through to Neal’s Yard which I’ve never been to before! I’d heard a lot about it but never ventured that way and it is such a gorgeous courtyard in the city. I will definitely be heading back for a visit, and to go to Homeslice which always looks so amazing when I see it on blogs. We stopped by 27 Grains to have to porridge which was really interesting, they make it with soy and coconut milk and we even had a pumpkin porridge. Definitely a favourite. We combined this with some Neal’s Yard cheese which was also pretty good, though I am not a fan of blue cheese!


Whilst wandering through the Covent Garden plaza, we stopped off at Laudree to buy some macaroons. I do like a macaroon but never really got the huge hype over them before. However, the vanilla macaroon I tried was AMAZING. Like seriously good. Super crispy on the outside, with a little bit of chewiness along with a creamy sweet filling. Honestly, I was super impressed. Apparently this place is the original home of macaroons, so I will definitely be back for another box.


The tour continued throughout Covent Garden, next stop was an Egyptian Street Food shop. It was a tiny macaroni mixture topped with dukkah, crispy onions and harissa. It was really delicious and definitely a good highlight of the tour, it’s always interesting to eat food from other cultures and I’m not sure if I’ve ever had Egyptian food before!


We had a quick stop at Sesame near Five Guys in Leicester Square which was an amazing find! It is a street food lunch cafe which is Leon style with take out food and eat in. It was made by one of the founders of Ottolenghi so you can imagine the food, full of hummus, tahini, pomegranate and amazing flavours. We had a few nibbles and this is definitely somewhere I need to get back to for a full lunch.


Finally, we headed to a tapas bar near Leicester Square. We dined on some prosecco before getting an array on antipasto, including some amazing buffalo mozeralla and some stuffed deep friend gnocchi. Definitely a delicious spread and somewhere I do want to return!

Overall, we really enjoyed the tour and it was nice seeing new areas in Covent Garden and finding some food places which I’ve never tried before. I would have liked a bit more history and chatting with the tour rather than speaking mainly about the food we are eating as I think it would be interesting to hear about Covent Garden when it was a market! But it was still a very enjoyable afternoon, and something a bit different to do in London.


I also thought I’d throw an outfit photo in here. I’ve been trying to take more photos of what I’ve been wearing as I’ve had some lovely feedback on my fashion posts! I really like floaty summer dresses, I got this one a year ago when I was last in Australia and it’s one of my favourites. The print is so summery, and I love the tie in waist band. Some skin coloured tights and sunnies and I’m ready for the heat wave!

Have you done a food tour before?

JC xx


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