JC Explores: Cahoots – London 40s Themed Tube Bar!

July 28, 2015

Photo 19-07-2015 5 15 43 pm

A quirky bar? Check. Waiters in character themed of the 40s? Check. Tube paraphenalia everywhere? Check. A secret entrance where you need to ask for ‘The Captain’? Check. Cahoots has everything I’ve ever needed in a bar! We all know now of my Underground obsession (remember the Aldwych abandoned tube station?), so I thought it was high time I got myself booked into Cahoots – an underground bar in an abandoned air raid shelter, styled to be a 40s tube station.

Photo 19-07-2015 5 13 05 pm

Now as this is an underground bar, you will forgive me for the slightly average pictures – low light and iphones don’t really match. But hopefully you will get a good feel for the bar! I booked Cahoots online a couple of weeks prior, as it is a popular place it was pretty much impossible to get a Friday or Saturday night, so as my Uncle was in town, I decided on a Sunday afternoon.

Photo 19-07-2015 7 15 10 pm

The experience begins from before you even step foot inside. A lone sign in Kingly Court claiming ‘To The Trains’ let us know that we were in the right place. A doorman looks out and as the email recommends, I ask to see ‘The Captain’ and we are led inside. I loved from the beginning that everyone was in theme and in character – all with fabulous accents and really acting as though we had entered the 40s.

We wandered down the steps and into the bar – all decked out with awesome London underground and 40s paraphernalia. We were sat around an old travel case, and given old newspapers. It soon turned out the newspapers were the extensive cocktail menu full to bursting with a huge range of rum, vodka, gin and whisky cocktails. We all took our time in deciding, I eventually settled on the Vera Lynn, a gin, elderflower and mint concoction. It appeared quickly in an awesome head shaped glass, adorned with dried flowers. And it was delish! Full of elderflower but with an enjoyable gin kick at the end – ideal.

Photo 19-07-2015 5 41 29 pm

We decided that it was definitely time for some food. Cahoots offers ‘rations’ in the style of the 40s. We got a selection of root vegetable crisps, pork crackling, roasted broad beans and crumpets! Although these were meant to be a snack they actually ended up being pretty filling, and are quite well priced at £3 each.

Photo 19-07-2015 6 36 58 pm

We all had another round of cocktails, this time I picked a vodka based pomegranate concoction which was also really good. Though Hannah went for a ‘spicy ruppee’, gin with a chilli heat which tasted amazing! Definitely one to try next time I go back.

Photo 19-07-2015 7 14 01 pm

The cocktails are a bit pricey, on average, between £9-£12 so our bill came to around £30 each. We paid with a nifty app called Cake where you can split the tab between apps or select and pay for the items. It worked pretty well and we ended up getting £10 off each for the bill!

I really enjoyed Cahoots and I will definitely be back as Paul wasn’t able to come with us this time. Plus it was awesome to start ticking some items off my London Summer Bucket List!

Have you been to Cahoots? Any other good bar recommendations in London?

JC xx


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