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July 12, 2015

Blog survey

You might remember a couple of weeks ago now, I ran my very first blog survey! I found the survey so useful and interesting, so I thought I would share the results with you today then give some advice on how you can run a survey for your blog yourself. I’ll run through each of the 7 questions I asked first.

1. Which topics do you like the most on Jasmin Charlotte? (You can tick more than one)


This was mostly what I was expecting, the interesting bits were travels coming first, when I thought updates would be and tech being so low! Tech posts always are good for engagement, sharing and subscribers but I think as I have quite a few non blogger readers, they aren’t totally relatable for them. This has made me think of doing my tech posts once every two weeks rather than every week!

2. Which topics do you like the least on Jasmin Charlotte? (You can tick more than one)



Again, this was the opposite of the above and I was shocked with the tech posts being the least, but I think it is for the same reason as above. Books were also high on here but as I don’t write about them too often, that was expected.

3. What topics, posts or features do you want to see on Jasmin Charlotte? (Free text box)

Here are a few of the responses!:

  • More personal experiences
  • More tech tools, they are really useful!
  • Just more life updates would be nice.
  • Maybe some high street fashion.
  • Love your tips and advice, so keep that! More lifestyle/about you
  • Love the travel, and recipes.
  • Sharing the love with other bloggers and blog design tips.
  • I really like all the tech stuff because I’m terrible at it, and your advice actually makes sense to me.
  • I find your tech posts so incredibly useful but also love reading about your life.
  • I think you cover all topics, but the travels ones are definitely my favourites. Would love to see more of your photography too!
  • A good mix of posts but not beauty ones as there are so many beauty blogs and coming to Jasmin Charlotte is a breath of fresh air as it’s something unique 🙂
  • Your fashion posts have been brill, more of those!

These have all been super helpful and I will be taking them all onboard.

4. How often do you read blogs? (one option only)



For this, I wanted to get an idea of how much to post, the highest being 2-5 times which fits quite well with my current schedule of 3 times a week.

5. Are you a blogger? (one option only)



This was so interesting to me as I thought the ‘yes’ would be a lot higher! It’s so nice to know that there are a lot of non bloggers reading out there.

6. What is your gender? (one option only)



As expected, mainly all the girls reading the blog!

7. What is your age? (one option only)



I mainly asked this just to get an idea of the range of readers I have so this was helpful to know.

So overall, this really gave me a better  view of who is reading my blog alongside what they really like to view and engage with. Although you can get a good idea from stats, it’s nice to get a good snapshot of where the readers are at. I’m definitely going to do this regularly (maybe every 6 months to a year?). So what if you want to run your own survey?

Tips for a Blog Survey

I think the first step is to do a few other blog surveys to get the idea of what questions you could ask, do you want to focus on content, design, layout? Do you want opinions about a specific niche or a change in direction? Do you want to know more about your readers and their habits? I had done quite a few surveys so wanted to keep it nice and simple!

I used survey monkey to actually design the survey, it is really easy to use to write the questions and get a quick link to share with others. The only major downside to it was that you can only get 100 responses, any after that you are unable to see their answers. This is a bit of a pain if you get more and really want to see it! To counter this, I would recommend running the survey for a limited period, 3-4 days so you don’t get answers which aren’t useful.

When designing the survey, I recommend a combination of tickboxes and free text boxes. This will mix up the format for the taker plus the tick boxes take less thought! You can also have a combination of mandatory and non mandatory questions, my first 2 questions were mandatory with the rest being optional. I had 100 responses for all questions except for the the free text box question where I only had 49 – so I think if you have a lot of free text you may not get as many useful responses.

I ran mine in tandem with a giveaway to push up the completion rate but I don’t think this is mandatory, just promote it on social media and hopefully an engaged audience will be able to fill it in. Once it is complete, I recommend tallying up the graphs into the easiest format to process then using the information to focus on your questions you asked at the beginning. For example, based on my results I’m now changing my content goals and jigging up my blogging schedule!

So there we have it, a whirlwind of blog surveys – have you done a survey before? Did you find it useful?

JC xx

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